Stacey West Running Update

Three weeks tomorrow, Ben, Chris, Charlie, and I will be running the City of Lincoln 10k in aid of the Lincoln City Foundation.

We’ve been training hard, campaigning for sponsors, and we’ve even attracted a bit of a local celebrity to our cause – more on that shortly.

At present, we’ve raised Β£801 for the Foundation, which is a super effort. On top of that, we’ve also sold ten running tops, which means another Β£75 for the cause. We’re closing in on that four-figure mark, so thank you all.

How can you get involved? We’ve placed the first order for running tops in conjunction with Bailgate Corporate Clothing, but if you are a runner and would like to order one, I’m going to do another order possibly at the tail end of next week. You can find out more about them here, but all profits from the shirts are going straight to the Foundation. You can also sponsor us the good old-fashioned way, via Just Giving, which can be found here.

I mentioned a local celebrity earlier – Imptoons has backed our endeavours. He’s not only bought a running top but he’s also put together a special Imptoon, just for us! He’s supremely talented and always supports the site in any way he can. This one really did make us chuckle!

Finally, an update on our training. I say ‘our’ training, but it’s actually just me. The reason is I’m currently four hours ahead of you, enjoying my honeymoon in Mauritius – it’s why I’ve been absent this week. I didn’t want to shout it as the house was empty and you never know, but now it’s not, so I can! It meant I gave the team half an hour notice at 2:31 pm on a Saturday!

My update isn’t great, unfortunately. In the aftermath of the messy day that was Port Vale I caught a cold and a cough, and it stayed with me for weeks. I brought it here to the tropical beach where we’re staying, and even today, I can still feel a slight tug when I run. However, as the running shirts suggest, I do run, and that meant some treadmill time in the gym at the resort.

Having not run for three weeks, it came as quite a shock when I did get on the treadmill, but in fairness, I find them easy to run on, especially the big, expensive ones they have here. I’ve just finished my fourth run of the honeymoon, helped by Fe who wanted to lend some support.

In terms of fitness, an all-inclusive holiday is not good for weight – I’ve put on a few pounds thanks to burger and chips every lunch (they have an awesome burger wagon by the pool), a cooked breakfast every morning and usually two helping of food in the evening. Still, I’ll get around the course as the cough shifts, and I ensure I warm down properly after every bit of exercise to prevent injury. It’s all systems go from Wednesday!

If you wish to sponsor the team, please head over to our Just Giving page and help out. The Foundation will be hugely grateful, as will we.