Five Players That Should Interest Lincoln City This Summer

Credit Graham Burrell

You know how we love a speculation article. We’ve been putting them out for seasons now, and sometimes, we even get one right. 

We were the first outlet to name Michael Skubala as a possible Lincoln City head coach. We’ve got players right in the past as well, notably Bruno Andrade and Tom Pett.

Now, without sounding a bit arrogant, that has normally been me, but this is a bit different. This time, we’ve let Chris Laming loose on Wyscout, armed with nothing but data and his own in-built desire to apply it to all things football. What happened next is the stuff of legends.

Credit Graham Burrell

I was still getting emails with Word documents attached at 1 am, on a school night. I had a couple of ideas of my own, and when I put them to him, he’d already looked at both and included one, whilst he had a compelling argument for not including the other. Basically, he went into nerd heaven and I fear he may not be ready to come down any time soon.

He’s selected five players here that he feels would be good, solid signings for City. However, this is only the start – he’s got a list longer than your weekly shopping. These are not names just plucked off Twitter or plagiarised from reputable sites either – they’re his opinions, backed up by numbers and our needs.

If you enjoy a bit of a journey into players we might sign, then you’re in for a ten-minute treat right about now.