Five Memorable Moments From The 2023/24 Season

Credit Graham Burrell

It’s weird looking back at last season, one that ended in final day heartbreak, but feels hugely positive.

In the main, it feels to me like we made a lot of progress, shrugging off the claustrophobic coat of the previous two seasons, the stifling straightjacket of functional football, and moved towards something better.

I would be a hypocrite if I pretended I’d always been a dissident voice during Michael Appleton’s final season and Mark Kennedy’s full campaign because I wasn’t. I like football in three stages; I like football where you don’t lose, then where you win, and then where you win and entertain. My base level for being happy is football where you don’t lose, and we had that under MK. Finishing 11th was not to be sniffed at, and whilst I regularly went home a little bored, I knew that sometimes, needs must.

Credit Graham Burrell

However, 2023/24 brought us something different, something new and exciting. For a few moments, I wondered if we’d be breaking goalscoring records until the end of time; such was the wonderful impact of Skubala’s ethos in March. Of course, it wasn’t to be, but we certainly created memories during that time.

It got me thinking in the warm spring sun, what were my highlights of 2023/24? What moments pleased me the most, and what will I look back upon in five or ten years time and remember as key games or incidents from the season?

Well, here they are. Five of them.