Stacey West Season Review Video Released

The Monthly Review Show on YouTube has been a success, with plenty of you tuning in to watch Charlie and Chris (and sometimes Gary) chatting about the previous month’s formations, tactics and players.

With it being the end of the season, your host, Charlie ‘Billy’ Beeston, has put together another great show. Of course, Chris is there, but they’ve also dragged Gary out from under the bed to impart some of his wisdom as well.

Who have the boys picked as their Team of the Season? All three have slightly different teams; who would you get behind? They each pick a moment of the season to cherish and a goal of the season to enjoy. If that wasn’t enough, they’re talking about their Player of the Season as well.

It’s a packed show that premiered on Tuesday, May 7th. However, you can now watch it whenever you feel like it!