“Can We Be The Club?” – New Contract Details Emerge Regarding Imps Favourite

Credit Graham Burrell

A recent Red Imps Club podcast on BBC Sounds has revealed more details about the Imps squad for the coming season.

I’m not going to write about everything; that wouldn’t be fair to Michael Hortin, who conducted an excellent interview with Jez George. If you wish to listen, you can do so here; it is highly recommended. Jez discusses the likes of Danny Mandroiu, Ted Bishop and Ethan Erhahon, as well as the players we’ve had out on loan.

However, he also goes into some detail on Imps favourite Lewis Montsma (32 minutes in), whom it was revealed we are ‘in discussion’ with when the retained list came out recently. Montsma, missing for all of last season following an ACL injury, his third, wasn’t expected to be retained by the club. However, news that there were talks sparked belief we might be close to getting Lewis back on the pitch.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

That much is true – he’s in a position where he could start pre-season training, and that has led to the club exploring options that could work for both the player, and the club.

“He would be ready to join training with the group from the start of pre-season,” explained Jez, who suggested that Lewis looked like he was going to break the million-pound barrier in his first six months here. “Can we be the club that takes responsibility for getting him back on a football pitch and making sure he has a football career beyond Lincoln?”

“That would involve Lewis signing a short-term contract. It would involve him coming back in pre-season, training with the group, playing in some fixtures, potentially committing himself to the club until January at least, and being available for selection. The first part when we’re talking about negotiation is can we just get Lewis here in pre-season.”

Jez goes into more detail about the possible deal, talks with Lewis and meetings with him, Liam, Michael and the head of medical, Kieran Walker. It’s a good lesson, not only because it suggests there’s a chance we could see the big Dutchman in a City shirt again, but also because it underlines the ethical and moral code the club works by. That’s hugely important to me.

Credit Graham Burrell

Why? Because first and foremost, I support my football club, but there have been times where I haven’t particularly liked it. The John Beck era wasn’t always likeable (for some), and the period from 2008 through 2011 was one where I felt a huge disconnect. Sometimes, decisions made didn’t sit right, and the club’s desire to progress wasn’t always paired with a degree of integrity. Many clubs are like that now, but our attitude towards Lewis reflects the overall ethos I feel the club has, one of transparency but respect.

Of course, that’s something not everyone cares about, unlike success on the field. The big question now is will Lewis and the club reach an agreement, and if they do, could we see the big man rise like Lazarus, metaphorically rather than literally in this instance, and become a key part of the Imps’ squad once again?