Imps All-Time Foreign XI

CM: Sergio Torres – Argentina


Courtesy Graham Burrell

2009/10 felt like a tough time to be an Imp, and history will agree with me. However, Chris Sutton arrived at the Bank with a bang; he came at the same time as Sergio Torres. We knew all about Torres, a slick, cultured midfielder who had excelled at Wycombe and played second-tier football with Peterborough. it seemed incomprehensible that we could sign him, albeit on loan.

Yeah, he was a loan player, but he’s the only one I’m picking for this team.

He scored on his debut and again in the FA Cup at Telford, but finances were tight; we were never going to sign him. What really hurt was Crawley got him in the National League, and in 2011 he was promoted as we were relegated. That stung.