Lincoln City Millennium XI Challenge

Credit Graham Burrell

I’ve been having some fun the last couple of days, picking some Lincoln City XIs.

They’re always fun—picking the best foreign players to play for the Imps or looking at the Lights Out XI of Imps that have been inside. I’ve worked on one recently that’s an XI of players we signed directly from Grimsby, and I’m sure there are good ones for players signed from Ireland as well. Without any news this week, I thought I’d give you the chance to get in on the fun.

All you need to do is pick your best Imps XI from the last 24 years. Easy, right? Not quite. The catch is you can only use one player per manager. So, if you want to pick Richard Butcher, for example, you wouldn’t be able to have Simon Yeo, as both played under Keith Alexander only. There would be no issue having Matt Rhead (Chris Moyses) and Alex Woodyard (Danny Cowley), but you couldn’t have Akinde and Woodyard, as they both played under Cowley only.

Woodyard and Bozzie – You can’t have both! – Credit Graham Burrell

To make it easier, I’ve provided a form with a drop-down menu for each position for you to select the manager. That way, you’ll know if you’ve picked someone twice. Also, I’\m happy for you to mix up the formations, so as long as you let me know what they’re playing, you can have three centre backs, or midfield diamonds, or even an attacking 4-2-4 if you wish!

I’m going to be using this idea a bit over the summer. I have done a loan XI based on one player per manager and might do an XI of the players each manager let go, or signed. However, there’s no caveat for you. It’s a bit like a Squad Building Challenge for those who play FIFA.

My intention is to get a Lincoln City fan icon to pick their best XI, and then I have a prize for the one closest to his pick. I’ll keep you informed on that! Anyhow, the form is here, but in the meantime, I have included the Lincoln City Millennium Loan XI, with one loan player per manager featured on the next page. It’ll give you a firmer idea of what I’m looking for!

Have fun! There’s no closing date right now, so you can discuss this with friends before submitting your picks.

If you wish to complete a graphic to share on social media, Formation Builer is good, as is Line Up Builder (use amateur, and you can put your own player names in)