Imps Transfer Rumours: What’s Been Said This Week

It’s traditionally a quiet time for the club right now, but that doesn’t stop the rumour mill from cranking up.

As an example, it was June 12th when we announced our first signing last summer (Reeco Hackett), June 13th when we announced Paudie the season before, and July 7th when Chris Maguire became our first signing in the summer of 2021. Remember, we’re only in May – it’s only greedy kids in toy shops that start throwing transfers around right now.

However, that doesn’t mean we’re not linked with players. There are three that seem to be dominating the headlines, but how accurate are they? We look at all three here, and give you the lowdown.

Louis Appere


I’ll deal with Louis Appere first, and there’s a reason he is first. We were linked with the Northampton striker, along with a host of other clubs, on Thursday. I think there were five or six in all, which included Stevenage.

At the time, I refused to do an article on it, such was the strength in my belief this wasn’t a transfer for us. Appere wasn’t a standout player for Northampton, he didn’t really fit the age profile, and too many clubs were being linked. it all felt off.

My instincts were right; he signed for Stevenage yesterday.

Theo Vassell

Another that seems unlikely, I did choose to do an article on Vassell, a central defender who has been at Salford this season. However, on this week’s podcast, both Chris and I felt this was yet another of those stories that isn’t really going anywhere. It doesn’t feel like the profile of player we’d sign, in terms of age or position.

As yet, Vassell hasn’t committed his future anywhere, but of the three clubs interested in him, I think he’d do a job at Notts County, who couldn’t defend for toffee last season.


Tommy Leigh

The link here is a little less clear. An unnamed League One club have had a bid accepted for the 24-year-old, who recently had a one-year option on his contract triggered by Accrington Stanley. Last summer, they wanted £200,000 for him, a fee we were not willing to pay, despite solid interest.

It’s interesting to hear the bid has been accepted, but for no club to be linked – that makes me think the story is 100% accurate. Whether we’re the team that are after him is another thing entirely; I’m not sure we will be, as Burton are being heavily linked. However, he does play a similar role to Mandroiu and Bishop, both with one foot in the camp and one foot out, which leaves a gap.

Would he be a decent signing? He’s 24, he scored eight goals from midfield last season for Accrington and he’s one that could definitely do a job in League One.

I’m not sure we’d break the bank for him at this stage of the season, but it is worth noting that of the early signings we’ve made over the last three seasons, two of the four have been for players who impressed in League Two (Vernam and O’Connor), and one was a player we’d showed previous interest in (Hackett).