Stacey West Patreon Quiz 2024

To while away the hours during the summer, we’re going to be revisiting the much-loved quizzes from lockdown.

We ran the Lockdown, which Jonathan Leonard won in 2020, and we’re doing something similar once again. However, we anticipate it being quite popular, so we’ve been exploring a few different options. At first, the quiz will be open to site Patreons only, with the wider fanbase likely to become involved at a later date. However, as a test, if you’re one of the kind souls who puts a couple of quid a month into the site, then this is for you!

We’re going to be using Kahoot for the quiz this time out. This means to take part you’ll need two things; access to our live stream on YouTube (and perhaps Facebook for this), and a smartphone. You’ll get a login in for Kahoot, which turns your smartphone into a keypad to answer the question you see on your screen.

Don’t worry, before we go live for the first quiz, we’ll put out a short video demonstrating exactly how it works. It’s going to allow us to have ten people playing at once. Don’t worry – you won’t have to be on screen if you don’t wish, and we’re only likely to get the winners on to chat about the quiz at the end!

If you’re a Patreon, and you’re interested in taking part, then check the Patreon page, as instructions will be posted on there shortly.

The first round is planned for 7pm on Wednesday 29th May. It’ll go out live, so anyone is able to play at home. Hope to see you there!

You can still become a Patreon if you wish, all the details are here.