Eight Keepers The Imps Could Target To Replace Lukas Jensen

Credit Graham Burrell

We’re working on a big assumption here – we’re assuming that Lukas Jensen is on the move. 

I think it’s safe to assume that a move is close – there’s lots of noise coming out of Millwall, and none from the Imps. As we have seen, a rebuke has been issued when such talk has gone around before, but for now, it’s quiet. That’s likely to be an indication that the news story has legs.

It leaves the Imps with a big move to secure. We know Zach Jeacock and Jamie Pardington have come in to be backups, to create a future for themselves here, but neither are currently eyed as being a number one. That leads me to expect us to sign a third keeper this summer, should Jensen leave.

Credit Graham Burrell

The club have had a great record of signing keepers in the past, so I fully expect them to pick a decent one. I think we’re likely to see a loan, for two reasons. Firstly, any decent free agent keepers would likely have been snapped up now, and secondly, if we are aiming to make one of our two new faces number one in the longer term, we’re unlikely to put another keeper in above them on a permanent basis, unless the deal is a steal.

With that in mind, I thought I’d scour the young keepers who might be available for a loan this season or whom we might be able to steal for a song. They’re here for your enjoyment.

Bear in mind that this is a speculative article, and I genuinely don’t have any inside information. All stats are from Wyscout.