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The Stacey West is a fan led blog / website dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and opinion of all things Lincoln City. We cover all the latest news in League Two as well, and often look at stories from a Lincoln bias, so please be warned.

We will accept reader contributions, but they have to be of a certain standard and offer content worth reading.

Gary Hutchinson – Editor

I’m Gary Hutchinson, a freelance writer and blogger,  and for over thirty years now I’ve been supporting Lincoln City. I’m the guy with the ginger beard in the photo, the short bald bloke is my old man.

I’ve recently published two books, the Who’s who of Lincoln City 1993-2016, and A Season in Blogs. Both are available through Amazon. I co-wrote Imperfect Focus with my good friend Graham ‘Bubs’ Burrell too. I’ve got other projects, I edit the monthly Lincoln-based football magazine A City United and the website of the same name. I am currently penning my third (or fourth depending on how you look at it) book, an account of my life as a football mascot.

You can read about some of my other freelance work here. 

Since 1986 I’ve been a Lincoln City fan, enjoying promotions, suffering relegations and always describing the club as ‘we’.

Graham Burrell – Photographer

Graham ‘Bubs’ Burrell has been taking photo’s on a match day at Sincil Bank for well over 15 years now. It’s a hobby for him to get up and down the country snapping away and he very generously offers The Stacey west match pictures from every game he goes to.

His pictures chart our successes and failures and his input in the site and also the magazine is invaluable. One day, when these ventures are the cornerstone of a proper publishing business, Bubs will be officially titled. Until then he has my deepest thanks for his unwavering support.

Recently we worked together on a book, Imperfect Focus, which we still have available through ourselves. We’re currently looking at doing a second one from his extensive back catalogue because, after all is said and done, all Bubs wants is for people to see his pcictures. Top photographer and top guy all round.







  1. Enjoying your blog Gary. Do you take requests like a DJ? If I had your creative writing ability (and access to social media beyond an old LinkedIn account) then I would do a piece on how we are in danger of getting like Man City a few years back. No – keep with me on this – I know we don’t have loads of cash. But, do you recall how years of disappointment and near misses corrupted the minds of the (other) City fans? They were used to the routine of conceding last minute goals and suffering indignities (a famous one delivered by you know who!) They always feared the worst. When winning the Premiership they never really believed it would happen. Their points gap started to narrow. Then on the last game of the season against QPR they were throwing it away. Fans nodded in the crowd as if to say “I told you so”; “this is our destiny – to lose”. And then something amazing happened – cue Martin Tyler… Anyway, can’t you feel it happening? When I get my BBC app winking at me telling me that there has been a goal in a Lincoln match, you know what I assume don’t you? When we are losing 2-1 at FGR and I am freezing and depressed, you know my thought process – City don’t get last minute goals.. Well, just like those Man City fans, I am wrong. This just doesn’t “feel” like a normal Imps side. We might just have to get used to the “new normal”.

    There – take this as my starter for 10 and run with it.


  2. Gary. Time to do more investigating. Who won manager of the month for November? DC won it for October, but the November winner just hasn’t been announced as far as I can see. Did the league just forget? Our form in November was even better. Should have been between DC and Cox of Barrow. Or have I missed something?

  3. Hi Gary. Could you help publicise this event pls? You can delete this msg. Sorry I couldn’t find direct contact link, I have tweeted you. Thanks:
    * #ImpvasionCarnivalHour: Carnival Hour of Lincoln City songs by 1,000+ Imps fans, 3.30-4.30pm Sat March 11 (2hrs to 1hr before kick-off of Arsenal v Lincoln FA Cup quarter-final)
    * By Thierry Henry statue, the main meeting place at Emirates Stadium, at south-west corner of stadium near away fans entrance, off Benwell Road.
    * Arsenal FA Cup quarter-final is biggest Lincoln game in our history & probably the rest of our lives. We’re doing something massive, showing the world how awesome & fun our fans are.
    * Share Twitter hashtag #ImpvasionCarnivalHour & invite anyone on facebook public event page https://goo.gl/hlDe65 https://www.facebook.com/events/259408084514548/
    * Carnival, fun atmosphere, Arsenal fans very welcome for a singalong.
    * How could we improve/alter idea? Add comment and be honest! I’ll edit page as needed. Any other ideas to mark the game?
    Meeting point:

  4. Having just your report I 100% agree with your running up of the clowns you have managing your team “thugs”
    I an a Rotherham United fan and my seat is behind the home dugout. Like you week in week out I had to endure their antics and foul mouth rants. They are an embarrassment to any club they belong to.
    But grit your teeth. I don’t think they’ll be there very long.
    Craig the miller

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