Grimsby Town: Preview

September 29, 2017 Gary 1

Tomorrow it’s the ‘big one’. Forget your Mansfield or Notts County clashes, this is THE derby, the one game that we’ve wanted to win more […]

Barnet Selection Headache

September 26, 2017 Gary 2

I’m moving on, I’ve said enough about the weekend now. Injustice is one thing but I’ll only make it worse by continually raking over the […]

Knott Appeal Rejected

September 25, 2017 Gary 2

Six year we waited to get back into the Football League, and when we do we discover the level of officiating is just as bad […]

Incandescent with anger

September 24, 2017 Gary 11

Notts County away should have been such a good away trip, they’ve got a great set-up there with good players and welcoming stewards. We were […]

County Away: Groundbreaking

September 22, 2017 Gary 5

Tomorrow, 4000 Imps fans will make the short journey across to Nottingham to watch the Imps go toe to toe with second-placed Notts County. It […]

Notts County Travel

September 20, 2017 Gary 1

With 4,000 Lincoln fans set to contribute to our biggest league following on over 30 years, there are quite a few options for travelling. The […]