Free Agent Strikers

September 6, 2017 Gary 3

With the recent problems Simeon Akinola’s transfer faced, we’ve been left a striker short, and the only option for Danny Cowley is to bring in […]

Akinola Deal Collapses

September 5, 2017 Gary 8

The deal agreed for forward Simeon Akinola has collapsed this afternoon, with the player now on his way back to Barnet to resume training with […]

It’s never Sim-ple

September 1, 2017 Gary 3

I went to bed at around 11.30pm last night, shattered after an exhausting day of covering nothing in particular. When I went to bed my […]

That’s all folks!

August 31, 2017 Gary 1

The transfer window has shut until Christmas, and despite it being a thoroughly underwhelming day for Lincoln fans, we must not be despondent. It has […]

Deadline Day Latest

August 31, 2017 Gary 1

I’ve never really gotten into this whole ‘deadline day’ thing. I suppose today has been mildly exciting, but I don’t think Danny will feel that […]