Programme Watch: 1985/86

February 25, 2019 Gary 0

I’ve been inspired to do another instalment of my programme series, not because many of you actually read it, but to feed my own insatiable […]

Programme Watch: 1996/97

November 30, 2018 Gary 0

It’s the latest instalment of our look at programmes of yesteryear and this time we’re coming forward in time to the 1996/97 season. John Beck, […]

Programme Watch: 1967/68

November 14, 2018 Gary 12

Welcome to another article on the club programme, the third in the series following on from 1981/82 and 1986/87. As you know by now, programme […]

Programme Watch: 1981/82

November 2, 2018 Gary 3

When the older, more experienced Lincoln City fan thinks of 1981/82, they think of Colin Murphy’s slick promotion chasing side, so close to the second […]

Programme watch: 1986/87

October 29, 2018 Gary 4

I’ve been digging around my football programme collection recently, getting my duplicates ready to swap with fellow collectors and trying to convince my other half […]