Daily Quiz #19

July 8, 2017 Gary 0

It’s time for another daily quiz, and this time we’re looking at goals and appearances. Please click here for your quiz Remember to either be […]

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Daily Quiz #18

July 7, 2017 Gary 1

It’s here again, and once again I’ve mixed up the genre of questions. Today you’re given a player and four clubs. You have to pick […]

Daily Quiz #17

July 6, 2017 Gary 0

This one has been fact checked and compiled in the middle of the day when my tired eyes aren’t prone to mistakes. I even used […]

Daily Quiz #15

July 4, 2017 Gary 0

These still seem popular, although far too many people got 10 / 10 yesterday. Today it’s a mix. Guess a couple of players, spot the […]

Daily Quiz #14

July 3, 2017 Gary 0

More ‘Guess the Imp’ action, or as one reader so succinctly put it ‘Guess the player I either never saw or wouldn’t want to remember’. […]

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Daily Quiz #13

July 2, 2017 Gary 0

I know I said no Sunday quiz, but my missus won’t let me do anything other than sit around after yesterdays spinal injections, so I […]

Daily Quiz #12

July 1, 2017 Gary 2

Good morning all, please find below a link to your daily quiz. Today I’ve found old Panini stickers of former Imps, both managers and players. […]

Daily Quiz #11

June 30, 2017 Gary 0

There’s a bit of a change today. I’ve picked out ten descriptions of Imps players from away programmes, and you have to guess who the […]

Daily Quiz #10

June 29, 2017 Gary 0

It’s another chance to have a go at one of the fiendishly hard Lincoln City quizzes we keep putting together. Today the players aren’t so […]

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Daily Quiz #9

June 27, 2017 Gary 0

It’s a new day, and you know what that means? Your quiz is coming right up, and today I’m afraid it may be a bit […]