Lincoln City Journalist Award – Session Three

This week our session with the Priory Trust was based around interview skills, as well as a short period of free writing based around our relegation in 2011. After all, football isn’t all trophies and titles.

The skills the pupils learnt this week will be put to good use this week when we welcome five members of the FPA to the school to be interviewed.

Here’s a selection of the work produced this week, including some interviews with me.

Kyle T:

            Gary Hutchinson was first introduced to football in 1986 when the Mexico World Cup took place and since 1986, he has been very passionate about football. After working in the building trade for over 10 years and, not enjoying it, he moved into the journalism sector and since then he’s been making a living from it. When he was younger he played for a Sunday league team and his inspiration was Paul Gascoigne. As he started out in journalism, he worked with Lee Curtis and Morris Burton who, helped him become a successful journalist.



Kian D:

            Gary’s first introduction to football was in 1986 at the Mexico World Cup. After that he got himself into football and was rubbish but, he kept playing because his Dad was the manager. He played as a striker for his club and smashed in a whopping 2 goals a season. He said that he was that bad he had to drop down and play for the year below !



Kiki S:

            I would’ve thought the amount of disappointed faces in one crowd was impossible until I saw the photos from 2011. I never once thought that so much sadness and anguish could be captured in one photo. Children and adults alike fell silent after such an awful tragedy.




            Shock ran through fans’ faces as they screamed out at you. Disappointment spread after this loss. Lincoln were out of the league, relegated and to be forgotten about with their smaller games. Pure emotion was expressed from each and every fan, little did they know; they were going to bounce back.


I was being interviewed this week – an unusual occurence



            When interviewing Gary, we questioned him about why he got into supporting Lincoln. After telling us about his Grandad supporting Lincoln, we found out about his Lincoln City punishment. He was going to watch a premier league game with his family when, his brother started crying meaning that they didn’t go. The next day when he was caught swearing, he was told to watch the Imps as punishment. From then there has been, a 1986 relegation thanks to Hartlepool, all the way through to promotion to League 1 with the Cowley brothers and a treble trophy season. He then went on to tell us about his opinion on the toughest home and away opponents this season. For home: Tranmere Rovers and for away: Bury which ended 3-3 on a cold Tuesday night.


Tom C:

            Today I interviewed Mr Trow and questioned him about his experiences and life around football. To kick-off the interview, I started with the most basic football question: who do you support? It turns out he is a Leicester City fan and has been since his childhood. The reason for his love of Leicester City Football Club is because his grandad sat him in his front room, smoking cigarettes whilst calculating some predictions from The Pool and used to either cheer or moan. As well as that story, he also was scouted for the club when he was 16 years old. His first ever Leicester match was Leicester vs Tottenham back when the Premier League was known as the First Division.


Lara S:

            It was a sea of tears, emotions were wild, faces red. All hope dissipated into the thin air that echoed with cheers of the opposing team while hiding the gentle sobs of the losers. It seemed like we fell down and couldn’t get up like the small flame of talent was slowly smouldering out. We were hopeless, were we not? But look at us now! How we sprinted to victory and fired up our flame, blazing unfalteringly.

            We spoke to Mr Willshaw about is current football views and watching football, his position in the footballing world and why he is so passionate about the sport. Mr Willshaw is an avid Leeds fan, who thoroughly enjoys going to matches and watching the games. He fondly remembers a day when it was Leeds vs Derby (he has 3 sons who are Derby fans) and so he consequently ‘joined their side’ just before Leeds won. He remembers the smile seeping onto his face as Leeds were victorious yet cowardly burying it deep inside, concealing himself from the tearful – yet seething – Derby fans.

            Since he is a Leeds fan, he unfortunately remembers the recent Leeds play-off games against Derby… Which Derby won 4-2 on aggregate. This then lead to a conversation about why he enjoys them. He said ‘Normally said by League One Millwall, no-one likes us… We don’t care’ a rather humorous, yet ever so true, quote.