A City United: Issue 3


With the Whites Mortgages Sunday League kicking off we’ve got coverage of several games including Shakespeare Imps, Saxilby Athletic, Golden Eagle, and a host of other local sides. This isn’t just match reports though, we’re aiming to get to the root of what drives the committed individuals that manage, play or just watch park football across the league.

We’ve also got the return of the ‘Secret Sunday League Manager’ who will be chatting to us over the weeks about the things he’s seen in his time in the league. This week he discusses player conflict and how it exploded one cold morning in the countryside.

We’ve got features on the cup draws in our Sunday League as well as all the league fixtures and their locations should you want to take in a match.

Of course we’ve got coverage of the Whites and the Imps too, with lot’s of great photographs from Graham Burrell. We look ahead to their November fixtures with travel information and a look at their opponents. We also recap on September, a tough month for both sides for different reasons.

Not enough? How about a couple of special features, an interview with Gary Lund, the former Imps striker and a look at the professional foul in the wake of the Lincoln v Luton game

Jamie Ward also continues his series on classic Imps matches, this time it is City v Torquay from 2003, the day we made the play offs.

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Latest Issue of ‘A City United’, released October 7th 2017

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