SW Quiz #214 – Strikers

Which striker had the Imps record of 14 appearances and 2 goals, but also played top flight football?

How many goal did the Imps previous record signing, Tony Battersby, score for Lincoln?

Which club released striker Francis Laurent ahead of his Imps move in 2011?

Which of these former Lincoln strikers did NOT later play for Boston

Which of these former Imps strikers once scored a winner for Wolves away at Anfield?

Which Liverpool-born striker scored just once after a big money move to Lincoln?

15 starts, 8 goals. Which under rated striker had this record for City?

52 starts, 23 goals - Which striker had this record for us during his post 2011 spell?

Which striker, signed from Hucknall Town, never got a look in at City making just one start in two years between 2005 and 2007?

78 goals between 1950 and 1956, started out at Hibernian and joined City for £750. Which striker does that brief description relate to?