SW Podcast Episode 143: Fines and Why You Feel Disconnected Right Now

Back again!

That’s right, your two favourite club stooges are back for another week of pretending that everything is great. Gary (that’s me) denies we’re struggling, Ben said some words that were positive but I missed them as I was playing on my phone, and we think we know why some people feel disconnected right now. Spoiler alert: it’s not the half time food.

If you like your podcasts satirical, sardonic and occasionally self-indulgent, you’re in the right place. Also, as a special gift to you, there’s barely any xG talk this week. You lucky, lucky people.

Disclaimer: The bit about Olivia’s rabbit was intended to be funny, I don’t actually think Jack should wrap it in a Frey Bentos overcoat and introduce it to the ‘special warm glass-fronted hutch’ for an hour or so on 180 degrees.