Stacey West Player Review 2018/19 – The Centre Backs


Michael Bostwick

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

If he doesn’t get Player of the Year, I demand a recount.

They don’t make footballers like Bozzy anymore, an enigma and elusive to both the media and the club’s own PR machine. Signed a new deal? Record a video clip and get off home Bozzy.. I love it.

I tell you what else I love; hard men. Not hatchet men, but players who can put in a thunderous tackle and not get sent off on a regular basis. Sometimes his challenges are so bone-crunching I feel like I’ve cracked a rib just watching. Then you see him time a challenge as he did against Tranmere, coming from nowhere to dispossess the last man with next to no effort, or at least that’s how it looks.

I would imagine to play against, Michael Bostwick is an utter bastard. I would imagine to play alongside, he’s a dream. He’s uncomplicated, a centre half who does exactly what Steve Thompson used to pride himself on. If the ball is near his feet, he kicks it away. If it’s near his head, he nods it away. If the ball is nowhere near then he looks to stop the player.

He’s a 100% man, every single game. I can’t wax lyrical enough about Michael Bostwick, but then you’ll know how good he is. You will have seen him putting his body on the line, making the blocks and tackles as if his life depended on it.

He’s grabbed three goals this season too, one at Goodison Park. Not many Lincoln City players can say they’ve had a £50m forward in their pocket. He can.

I get to meet him this week, I’m at the PFA Player of the Month presentation and of all the Imps’ players I’ve met and spoken to, he’s the one I really can’t wait to meet, even if he just grunts a few words and buggers off.

Plus, I’m a beard fan.