Five Matches That Clinched The Title


Courtesy Graham Burrell

Where else could we possibly finish? I’m told our away form was the reason we won the title, as if that’s a bad thing. Anyone in Stadium MK that afternoon would tell you it doesn’t matter whether you win home or away, as long as after 46 matches you finish on top.

This really was the crunch game and, had we not picked up another point, we would still have won the title. This was the day we secured it, this was the win that sent us to League One. Make no mistake, anything other than three points here would have left us hanging on, but instead we gave ourselves the lift we needed.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

We played excellently, keeping them down to few efforts on goal whilst finding space of our own to exploit. Once again John Akinde found the net from the spot, his unnerving calm in moments of high pressure paid dividends as he stroked home the first half spot kick.

After that, the result was rarely in doubt. MK Dons didn’t have an answer to our organised and efficient game plan and their key players were relatively ineffective.

Whole seasons can hinge on just a few moments and that happened towards the end of the game. Chuks Aneke found himself powering a header at goal, only for Matt Gilks to pull of a super stop. Seconds later the ball found its way to John Akinde, he fed Bruno Andrade and Lincoln City history was made as he gave us the win, 2-0.

Leaving the ground that afternoon, we knew we’d won the league. The points tally looked impressive and few would have predicted we wouldn’t win another game. Of all five matches, this was the one that won the title, but the other four were pivotal moments, nonetheless.

Courtesy Graham Burrell