Who Would Make Your DC-Era Five-a-Side Team?

Shaun Symons 5-a-side team from MA’s squad

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Grant Smith … Great shot stopper

Michael Bostwick… Say no more… Man mountain at the back would clear anything or one up

Joe Morrell… Great midfield dynamo cutting passes

Jack Payne… Like a terrier, skills to go with it..

Anthony Scully … Pace, great eye for the goal..


Courtesy Graham Burrell

Jorge Grant …. Great play maker (was toss up between him or Payne)

Harry Anderson… Again loads of pace, Also can chip in with goals..

Liam Bridcutt… Another great playmaker, But Morrell gets the nod

Cornell Brumant’s 5-a-side team

Hope all is well, shame and disappointing that here no football for all Imps fans to watch and to be happy about. But this will cheer every Imps fan up with my Imps 5-a-side team. It took quite some time to think over and decide of who I wanted to make my Imps five a side team, but because as you may not know as I play FIFA 20 a lot as Lincoln City FC, I’m all about aggressive, ruthless attacking and defensive play like for example keeping rock solid at the back to keep the opposition out from getting past the defence and attacking the opposition.

I’m very nervous about doing this because I have never done this before and this will be my first time so please forgive me.

Josh Vickers – The reason why I have chosen Vickers for my 5 a side team for the mighty Imps because of his good jumping skills, his fantastic co-ordination, his excellent distribution, his wonderful agility, his solid catching, will so help my five a side team to keep out all the shots from getting past the mighty Vickers.

Michael Bostwick – The reason I have gone for Bostwick because he would be such a true backbone for my defence, also with his rock solid strength of a Warrior, his good positioning, his ability to push the strikers off the ball, winning headers in the air and him shielding the ball so well to stop the other team from scoring and not letting nothing get past the mighty rock warrior Ting Bostwick.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Tayo Edun – The reason I have chosen Edun because of his fantastic Leadership, his work rate, who always leads the Imps from the middle of the park. Who will never give up, who can chase down every ball, and who will throw himself into every single tackle. Also, his finding of space of a pass is so dangerous to watch, and his dribbling ability with his great technique and his vision always makes the defence blink.

Liam Bridcutt – The reason I have gone Bridcutt because he can shield the ball when he dribbles with the ball. Also his turning, his shielding, and his passing to find a striker in space is so wicked to at times. Who can also shoot from outside the box. Also the way he scores from medium and long distances.

Anthony Scully – The reason why I have chosen Scully because he is so excellent as a one on one dribbler, with his dangerous speed and his crossing that causes so much problems for defenders. The way he holds and controls the ball and gets into dangerous positions is so great to watch. Which makes Scully one of the fastest pace ball attackers and one of the best shooters. Also Scully’s way of out thinking the defenders, his lightning-quick reactions to get in front of a defender and getting on the end of crosses into the box.

We didn’t list Cornell’s subs as he chose seven, which seemed a little excessive.


  1. My (not very recent) experience of 5 aside football is that it is a very different game: less tackling, no aerial play, close short passing, short bursts of speed, constant keeper playing out from the back etc.
    The selections so far reflect this with most selections being fast skilful players and mostly of moderate stature.
    There is little need of central defence hard men. So why is Bossie (great player that he is) so popular a choice – things like ‘heading ability’ and ‘knocking players off the ball’ are not much of an asset in this format.

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