How effective is the EFL trophy for Man Utd, Chelsea, Everton and Wolves kids?

Imps 2-1 Everton Under 21s

Credit Graham Burrell

City – Farman, Long, Habergham, Waterfall, Dickie, Bostwick, Whitehouse, Ginnelly, Knott, Maguire-Drew, Palmer (on as subs) Chapman, Stewart, Green

Everton – Hewelt, Garbutt, Foulds, Feeney, Markelo, Adeniran, Charsley, Evans, Broadhead, Sambou, Baxter (on as subs) Bowler, Donkor, Lavery

Home Country Youngsters Percentage – 78%

First Team Appearance Percentage – 36% (Must have gone on to make a first-team appearance after this game)

The first time we played an Under 21 side was a bit of a novelty for me, and at the height of the boycott or not argument. I think that has died down now, due probably to both sides of the split not wanting to fall out with fellow fans. Those who missed this game missed Jordan Maguire-Drew’s only input into the Imps season, his brace securing victory.

I think from our point of view, there was little in terms of squad progression to note. Ellis Chapman did make his imps debut, which was great for us at the time, and although he is no longer with the club there has to be a positive argument for it being good for the Imps. Cameron Stewart got game time, another signing who didn’t really work out, whilst Rob Dickie played. He has gone on to better things, but not for us, obviously.

As for Everton, plenty of the players are still playing, with varying degrees of success. 21-year-old Shane Lavery is in Ireland with Linfield, but he came on for Northern Ireland in September as they lost to Norway. Luke Garbutt and Morgan Feeney are in our division, the former is with Blackpool and the latter with Sunderland. Jose Baxter is with Plymouth, but he was one of the over-age players and maybe shouldn’t be counted, whilst Harry Charsley is with Mansfield Town in the league below us

Bassala Sambou, Donkor, Anthony Evans and Matty Foulds are all outside the top flight in European divisions, whilst Nathangelo Markelo is on loan at FC Twente. Dennis Adeniran is perhaps the one with the most progress, he is still with Everton and currently on loan in the Championship with Wycombe.