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Patience is a virtue

June 22, 2016 Gary 0

There’s been no rumblings of discontent yet, but the apparent lack of new faces will no doubt have some fans hoping that the club soon get […]

The Gambler

June 18, 2016 Gary 0

In the absence of any real Lincoln City news I have to satisfy my urge to blog by finding some other football related topic to […]

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What should you believe?

June 14, 2016 Gary 0

It’s that time of year where every newspaper, message board and website is packed full of rumours and half rumours about players joining our club. […]

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The Special One Returns

May 26, 2016 Gary 0

After unceremoniously dumping Louis Van Gaal just hours after winning the FA Cup, Manchester United have appointed perhaps the worlds biggest name to replace him. […]

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Ched Evans: Would you?

May 24, 2016 Gary 0

There’s rumours that Ched Evans has been linked with Barrow this evening in a move that may be less controversial since the decision to retry […]