Imps A to Z

There have been many great players for Lincoln City, from John Ward to Simon Yeo or Gareth Ainsworth to Richard Butcher. These are players whom we hold dearly in our heart.

What becomes though of the nearly men? What becomes of those players that you’d don’t remember so fondly, or in some cases don’t remember at all? What became of them?

In a special continuing¬†Deranged Ferret feature we look down the A-Z of Lincoln’s nearly men. Just click on the links below and we’ll be adding more as the weeks go on.

Amoo, Ryan

Clucas, Sam

Dunkley, Malcolm

Dykes, Darren

Fagan, Chris

Ghent, Matthew

Graham, David

James, Tony

Kelly, Julian

Mardenborough, Steve

McVay, David

Nutter, John

Pulis, Anthony

Saunders, Matthew

Smith, Khano

Stergiopolous, Marcus

Uwezu, Michael

Willis, Scott