Why the Cowleys need Liam Hearn.

Warning: There is a profanity in this blog, second to last word. If you’re easily offended by the f-bomb please skip it, its not integral to the overall theme of the writing. If you’re not then by all means read on, it made me chuckle when I read it back.

First I was suggesting Steve Thompson could be manager, but now I’m suggesting the fragile part-time Imps Liam Hearn could do a job for us. I must be on crack, right?

Wrong. However before I go into Liam Hearn (not literally) I’d like to set a context for the blog, so I’m going to talk about the men of the moment, The Cowleys. There’s a lot been said recently about their appointment and in 100% of the comments I’ve seen it is positive. The club is brimming with happiness and good vibes, possibly more so than at any other time in recent history. I think Bob Dorrian could probably walk into any pub in town and someone would buy him a pint, four years ago they would have thrown him out of the window. A wave of euphoria is sweeping the city and I half expect Bob to appear in his Bermuda shorts riding that wave down the High Street.

In my opinion the reason is for the first time I can ever remember we have gone to a club already successful at our own level and taken their manager. We’ve found someone with an unblemished record where the only point to prove is that success follows them around. Braintree are left feeling bitter about the bigger club swooping in and stealing their crown jewels. Read that again Imps fans, we’re the bigger club thieving talent from elsewhere. After years of being a selling club taking cast off players and managers sacked from our rivals we’re now the playground bullies. Admit it, it feels good.

Imps 2 Woking 3 090
I couldn’t find a picture of Liam Hearn as he hasn’t been spotted in a football kit this year, so here’s Bradley Wood carrying an imaginary bag of sand chewing on an imaginary Cuban cigar.

I can’t think of a time when we’ve actually gone and appointed proven, innovative people with big careers ahead of them. In a conversation with a friend the other day I said we needed to find the next Martin O’Neill and be the next chapter in a rising managers story. I feel we’ve done that, we’ve got a duo who really do have the right ideas and are arriving at just the right time to put them into practice. Even my Dad rang me tonight and said ‘something feels different about this boy’, which roughly translated means we didn’t argue about it so it must be a good thing. That’s how we decide about what’s right for the club or not, if we agree it’s usually right.

One thing we don’t agree on is the enigma that is Liam Hearn. You remember him right? He was the proven goal scorer that felt like spending Christmas sat watching Barrow, the guy you used to see score then go off after an hour, or come on with half an hour to go and score. The talented and tricky forward  was unfortunately more breakable than an I phone screen, and had a worse attitude than Jon Nolan. My Dad thinks he’s a malignant disease spreading his bad vibes through the squad. I kind of agree but think that the fact he scores goals, and regularly is enough to give him a second or third chance (depending on your view of his Harrogate loan).

If our new bosses are really on their game then they’ll know that for all Liam’s faults he has a touch of class about his game. He is absolutely a proven scorer and alongside Matt Rhead could score in excess of 25 a season hands down. If he hadn’t gone in December then I think it would have been us losing to FGR in the play off semis. At least. I’m not sure any of my readers could deny that. On his day there is no forward more lethal in this division, not Ross Hannah, not Ricky Miller and not even Gary Taylor Fletcher.

So perhaps that first big task is to chat to Liam and ascertain if there was a problem or if he really is beyond saving. His talent is unquestionable but his attitude and state of mind are not. Maybe they can get him on his game? Maybe part of PE in schools these days is sports psychology, and if so maybe they recognise the value in trying to bring him back into the fold? Maybe.

I suppose there is a chance he really is a massive disruption and a spoilt child and that he has absolutely no future here at all, and will next be seen at Barrow or Alfreton or somewhere getting treatment on his ankle/arm/leg/attitude. Personally I think his goals are worth at least considering trying to save, however I trust entirely in what our management duo choose to do.

Unless they get rid of Bradley Wood, then I’ll go absolutely fucking mental.


  1. I understand where you are coming from. I agreed with you a while back however, he has come across in a poor light at Harrogate. His bolshy character and self-pity has not found him many friends in that dressing room. I see the brothers wanting to build a camaraderie, a team spirit (very much like at Leicester) and I feel that having am individual that wants to pursue other avenues such as property development is not going to be fully focused on LINCOLN CITY. Skilled player, not for the IMPS anymore.

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