DF pledges to the Crowd Funder

We promised you we’d donate all the money from sales of DF over the last two games and we are delighted to announce we have just done that. Sales from this afternoon and Tuesday evening came to just under £200, so we’ve pumped £200 directly into the crowd funder a few moments ago.

Thank you first and foremost to everyone who has bought a copy at the last two games. We haven’t quite sold out yet, but rest assured by the end of the North Ferriby game we’ll have to decide whether to go to print again or not on the first issue. We’re delighted with the response from you lot, the feedback has been very good.

DF 004a
27 years and still going strong.

So we’ve amassed a fair few rewards for the pledges, and we’ll be giving them away for free in the next issue. If some of the rewards come a little too quickly for the issue then we’ll be drawing names from our Facebook page to attend. However at present we have the following to give away:

2 x VIP match tickets (£100)

1 x Pink Paul Farman signed keeper shirt (£75)

2 x Spaces in an exec box for an upcoming match (£80)

1 x Signed away shirt (£50)

1 x Watch training and dinner with the players (£50)

You do the maths if you want, but to save you time that’s £355 cash poured straight into the crowd funder, and with Ian Reeves generous backing that is a whopping £710 raised purely and simply by the production of DF.

 Of course we can’t keep putting every penny in, that second issue won’t print itself, but we’re delighted to have been able to support the club in such a strong way from the start. Thank you to Mike Downs and Ian Greaves who have helped me sell on match day, it’s been a delight to meet some of you guys as well through selling. We’ve still got about 40 copies left which will go some way to covering our print costs next time out.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped me to make this first print run a success. I’m hoping to get Bradley Wood and a couple of players to sign a few copies in the next week to try and squeeze an extra few quid into the coffers!

Remember DF will only be a success if we keep getting varied and interesting views from you, the rank and file Imps supporter. One the season gets underway there will be plenty to write about, so email any contributions to derangedferret16@gmail.com. You can still subscribe to all four issues by sending £18 to derangedferret16@gmail.com, or by sending a cheque made payable to Gary Hutchinson for the same amount to 1 North Farm Cottages, Withcall, LN11 9QY. If you’ve already bought a copy and fancy securing the next three through the post then please send £13.50 by the same methods as above.

Tell your friends. DF, UTI.