Experienced striker trains with Imps

It seems manager Danny Cowley has moved quickly to exploit the savings made by releasing Craig Stanley, with an experienced striker currently training with the Imps.

The player in question, who I’m not going to name, has scored goals regularly at Championship level and has only played a handful of games as low as League Two. He’s a pacey forward who it is assumed is being looked at to compliment the attributes of Matt Rhead.

I’m not naming him as he’s currently a free agent and whilst I’m not the widest read blogger in the world I think it best not to start revealing who the player is in case it scuppered any potential deal. Last season he played league football consistently and I am very surprised a player of his calibre is training with the Imps. I’d urge anyone else ‘in the know’ not to shout it about on social media, just in case.

However this does go some way to proving that our management team are actively searching for a replacement for Jonny Margetts and to be targeting a player still in his twenties who has almost exclusively played League One and above is exciting for Imps fans.

Hopefully we’ll see a scarf fairly soon signalling the signing of a striker that should please those fans who know what he is capable of.