Attraction is everything

The announcement of the latest England C team saw three Imps called up, and an oh-so-close transfer target also included. Hopefully by the end of play today (Thursday 20th) we should have four players poised to represent their country.

We haven’t had a lot of players involved in the England C set up since we’ve come down, I can only recall Paul Farman being called up and missing out twice. However with the arrival of the new era comes fresh honours and challenges, and international call-ups are one of the things we may have to get used to.

There’s a certain prestige to the call-up even if the truth is that it is yet another match in an already packed schedule. The three (or four) players will leave after the league clash with play-off chasing Aldershot and return before the November 19th noon kick-off against championship-chasing Forest Green. In such an important week I imagine Danny would have liked his players to be available to him for five full days.

That’s not to say he’ll be upset the players have ben picked, far from it. I think aside from the kudos of having players in the international set-up, it really proves how far we’ve come as a club in the last twelve months when we are a favoured destination for players at the top of the non-league game.

In an unrelated picture here is Nuneaton’s Elliott Whitehouse. He’s been picked for England C duty too.



Of course we haven’t developed these players ourselves, far from it. Each one of them have been bought  or poached from other clubs. Obviously Habergham and Woodyard came with the manager, and Raggett basically diverted off the A1 on his way to sign for Barrow. However the fact they chose Lincoln City over anyone else speaks volumes. We are an attraction now. I ‘m not sure the intention is to hang about in this league long enough to develop our own C internationals.

I’ve heard rumours that the ‘mysterious un-named’ attacking midfielder also picked for England C is not only close to signing, but also has been the subject of a late enquiry by Eastleigh. Maybe that’s a ploy to wrestle a couple more grand out of City, maybe not. What resonates strongly with me is that despite this late approach it does appear that the deal is all-but done. Indeed I’m going out for a haircut shortly and by the time I return (with slightly colder ears) I fully expect our squad to be boosted by one.

I really just wanted to write something positive about how much of an attraction our club is these days. Back in League Two it was assumed all you needed was a purpose built training ground and a few directors mentioning the word ‘championship’ every so often. Sure facilities are a draw and Lincoln City have some of the best in the National League, but to be a real draw, a real attraction for these good young players you have to have something else. You have to have the aura of a team on the up, and we give that impression each and every day. We are signing the best players this league and the one below have to offer, something we couldn’t even do in the Football League!  We’re doing that because at last we’ve not only got the infrastructure to attract players, but we’ve also got highly respected personnel able to sell themselves, their dreams and their potential as well as a nice ground and significantly more fans than most other sides.

I really am thankful because at the moment I wake up every morning with a different reason to be optimistic about our football club. I’m looking forward to thanking Danny and Nicky in person on Saturday night over a taco and tequila.


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