To fund or not to fund?

There’s been a little bit of an adverse reaction from some quarters of Imps fan base this week, bizarrely aimed at an attempt to raise a few quid for Lee Beevers in the wake of his recent injury against Boreham Wood.

It’s a little bit sad that we have to even see debate of this kind, but then I am also a big believer in free speech, where and when appropriate. In this instance I feel people are entitled to an opinion, and if it differs from our own then that is fine. However as I’ve spent three days not publishing anything I thought I’d chuck my two-pennies worth into the ring.

Firstly let us look at the facts here. Lee Beevers suffered an almost-certain season ending injury this week, and the scenes at Sincil Bank were unpleasant as he was first stretchered off and then ferried to hospital under flashings blues. Lee has been the most improved member of the team who really seems to have thrived under the Cowley’s management. It seemed incomprehensible at the season outset that Bradley Wood would play anywhere other than full back, but talk has switched now to signing a new right back just to keep him in midfield, such has been the impact from Lee and Brad’s new positions.

Lee Beevers is under contract and therefore will be paid for the duration of his injury. I would imagine there will be some form of insurance in place somewhere, either by club or player, that would pay out in the case of a career ending injury. In terms of actual finances the player and his family won’t be forced onto the breadline. There might be a dip in an appearance bonus, but the financial implications won’t be as far reaching as one might think.


However the crowd funder isn’t in place to try and put bread on their table. It’s in place to just do something nice for the family in the wake of a bad injury and to help them get through a tough time. Finances are one thing, but there will be an emotional impact on the family. Lee won’t be playing, and as Danny mentioned basics such as work at the house won’t be getting done. I heard Lee’s little boy cried his eyes out when his Daddy was stretchered off on Tuesday, and I imagine it will be hard for them as a family, whether there’s milk in the fridge or not.

Anyone who thinks Lee earns a big wage would be sadly mistaken. I’d wager that well over half of the squad earn less than (for instance) the manager of a popular trade kitchen sales company with two branches in Lincoln. Football might be glamorous and lucrative in the top flight and even he Championship, but down here the boys earn the same as me and you. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is some sort of campaign to line the pockets of a fat cat sportsman. It’s a campaign to give a normal, down to earth family something to smile about during a tough period.

The crowd funder may represent ‘too much charity’ for some, and that’s fine as they’re allowed an opinion. For my money I think it’s a further representation of the strong links being developed between staff and fans. We know Lee’s family won’t go hungry, but a token of fans appreciation in the form of a day out or weekend away will doubtless mean an awful lot to a very popular player and his wife, and his kid(s).

If you don’t want to donate, then don’t. If you would like to give the Beevers family something to smile about, then do. It’s a straightforward choice that you’re entitled to make. However I’m not sure some of the more derogatory comments about fund raising are entirely appropriate. This isn’t ‘hand wringing and egos’ by any stretch of the imagination. This is just people doing something nice for other people.

I’m going to make a divisive comment before I sign off. I think some quarters of Imps fans are a little too critical of one man and his fund raising efforts, and I find that a little sad. Helgy is a strong character and I understand that doesn’t always sit well with some people, but the work he does isn’t to raise his own profile. That is how he feels he can contribute to the Lincoln City journey. I do it by writing, he does it by fund raising.

We both have time during the day (at present) and instead of sitting around and playing computer games we do what we can in and around the football club. I write, he sets up fund raising ideas. When Helgy has to collect a cheque or do something involving being on camera he hates it, he doesn’t want any personal kudos at all. There’s no ego there, and if you don’t want to support his ventures then don’t, but criticising ventures such as the FPS or the Cowley’s Campaign Crowd-funder will make you sound a little bit bitter.

We’re all Imps aren’t we?



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  1. If the money was raised for a charity, something that really needs the money rather than a salaried employee, in Beevers name I would donate instantly. I don’t think giving a footballer money who played at a reasonably high level is the best way to raise his moral. Money in this case does not make everything better. It would help a charity far better

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