Ricky Miller: Leave it out Kinnear.

Okay so I mentioned his name in a blog today, but very few Imps have mentioned his name recently. He certainly is a player with an eye for goal, but with Village Green entering the race it seems teams in our league will be priced out of a move. However Chris Kinnear isn’t a happy man.

The quotes you’re about to read have come from Mark Whiley’s article on the subject which you can find on Lincolnshire Live, I want to stress I haven’t interviewed him. I just wanted to pick apart what he’s said because I’m beginning to dislike Kinnear as much as his chairman.

“It’s none of our business, it’s the business of the two sides who are ranting on about it and talking about it,” Kinner told kentonline.co.uk (in response I assume to building speculation Miller will be on his way). “If you have a bit of class and dignity you don’t talk about other people’s players but some people don’t, do they? They just get on with it.”

In truth Kinnear was the first to reveal we made an enquiry about Miller, not Danny Cowley and not once has our manager since spoken of pursuing the player. We’ve spoken about it on social media, but it’s Village Green who have openly spoken of signing him. How can they lack class, they serve falafel at matches. That’s middle-class right there.

Kinnear goes on (as he tends to): “I don’t know what they’re trying to do but they’re not going to pull him away from us. If he does move on that’s one of those things but for the moment he’s playing for Dover and that’s the best thing we can hope for.”

I’m going to help Chris out a bit here because he claims to not know what Village Green are trying to do. They’re trying to unsettle the player Chris, they tried it when our interest became public if you remember, by saying he was worth at least £100k. That statement came out with the intent of scuppering our deal and letting you know how much they’d pay. Now they’re talking about him because they’re ready to pay that amount. I hope you’re following this.

It’s okay though because Jim Parmenter (he’s the egotistical Dover chairman by the way) has already told their website Miller is going nowhere.

Miller has hit 15 goals this season, although that could drop to 14 as I hear Theo Robinson is claiming at least one of them.


“Ricky is not for sale. He is under contract at this club and is a big part of our push to promotion this season. We would not consider selling Ricky to a club at our level and believe if and when he finally moves on it will be to a big club with good league pedigree.”

Well that last line rules Village Green out, but if you’re looking for a big club with good league pedigree then you need look no further than Lincoln City. Mind you I suppose AFC Fylde are a big club to Dover. Besides Jim, you’re quick to say he’s going nowhere but are you prepared to lose a potential six figure sum for him in January and let him walk away free in May? If you think you’ll be a league club by then and he might want to stay it’s a risky strategy to say the least. I know that pouring money into a club with no fans doesn’t exhibit the strongest business acumen, but I imagine somewhere along the line you’ve been a successful businessman, and if that’s the case you’ll know as well as a layman like me that your best bet is to cash in on him.

So what would be the best way to cash in?  Aside from your player scoring lots of goals I suppose a few well-placed media quotes about how he isn’t for sale would help, especially if those quotes indicated you’d only sell to a league club. I’m sure a few clubs are on red alert now in League Two, chequebooks ready under the impression they might actually have a chance of acquiring him. It wouldn’t surprise me if our fishy friends up the A46 aren’t at thehead of the queue, after all they’ve never properly replaced Amond have they? I’d say your media strategy has worked quite well, if that’s the case.

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Only moving to a big club. If that means bigger than Dover he could end up at Gainsborough Trinity.

One thing is for sure: Kinnear and Parmenter would rather sell him to Fylde than to Lincoln City. There’s no love lost at all, perhaps that’s why BT Sports think our clash is going to be worth televising in January. It will be (at the very least) a committed and full bloodied encounter.

I’d like to finish by pointing out that class isn’t achieved by simply not talking about players. Maybe if Mr Kinnear wants his team to be considered ‘classy’ he might have a word about your officials not giving travelling media outlets your wi-fi password, because that showed a lack of class. There’s also the issue of travelling reporters not being given unrestricted access to the events on the field at Crabble (there’s no ‘The’ for those not in the know. It’s like Anfield. Crabble). In fact ever since Dover have come into this league I have heard horror stories about poor hosting and a lack of welcome for travelling officials and staff.

It also lacks class to re-ignite a war of words with an opposition team when they do nothing at all to prompt it, just so you know.

Oh and Chris, can I just ask you about this? So much for class.

In the words of Kevin Keegan (and I hope this isn’t a jinx), I’ll love it if we beat them in January, and I’d love it even more if Ricky Miller left for free in the summer and joined up with Lincoln, in the Football League. Love it.


  1. We don’t care if you don’t like us, our manager or our chairman.
    You are just biter because you failed to snatch our prize asset after tapping him up, and we then beat you. Run along. Dovorian.

  2. We don’t care if you don’t like us, our manager or our chairman.
    You are just bitter because you failed to snatch our prize asset after tapping him up, and we then beat you. Run along. Dovorian.

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