Guest blogger Aldershot ratings

I’ve been busy with my book today (Christmas bestseller,  you heard it here first), but guest blogger Rob Beezley sent me his ratings over. So in a (probably refreshing) break from my thoughts, it’s over to Rob.

Paul Farman 8/10

Farms did ok today, not a lot could have been done for their goals especially the first which he saved but could do nothing with the rebound and surely he gets some form of assist for rheady’s late equaliser! Did make quite a few crucial saves however!

Bradley Wood 7/10

Brad didn’t do much wrong either, got through a few times and great going forward however defensively we looked shaky! However for his attacking and also for his never say die attitude especially with 50/50’s makes him irreplacable  

Luke Waterfall 6/10

Luke is a rock most of the time but even he will admit he didnt have the best of games today, At fault albeit not directly for one if not two of their goals! Only reason this isn’t a lower rating is that he’s a rock when it comes to long balls, he’d header a brick if you sent it to him 

Sean Raggett 8/10

Most definitely the best defender we have on our books.. Whatever we paid Dover was a steal for this guy because he WILL play higher.. wins everything both on the ground and in the air and attacking he’s brilliant hence him being knocked out in the 80th minute! He will go either in Jan or end of season 

Sam Habergham 5/10

Worst game he’s had for us so far, Yes he got forward a bit but nowhere near as much as Brad, He looked shaky, seemed to lack confidence and didn’t close down well enough for the 3rd “Shots” goal

Harry Anderson 7/10

Set up Arnold for his first goal and was an absolute livewire attacking their left back before going off injured just after half time due to Aldershot booting home! Hopefully be ok for Forest Green next Saturday!

Not Woodyard’s best game

Alex  Woodyard 5/10

Relatively quiet game for Alex whom we’ve grown to expect a lot from! He’s always one of the first names on the teamsheet but today he was almost vacant, Didn’t really get a foothold in the game!

Alan Power 9/10

Ok so granted I’m slightly including last week as well but 2 weeks in a row now Power has been an absolute rock in midfield, He’s doing the work Woodyard would normally do.. he was everywhere today literally! Since being included due to Beevs injury, Power hasn’t looked out of place and is really taking his chance!

Nathan Arnold 9/10

Can’t really give 10’s but I was so close to here with Arnold! He was immense, Got his 2 goals and their left back was terrorised with Nathan jinking in then out! Got ill at half time, tried to carry on but went off on the hour mark and it really changed how we played, We’re not as direct without Nath or Harry!

First me, now Rob. What does Nath have to do to get a ten?

Matt Rhead 8/10

Ref’s seem to give Rheady nothing, not a sniff of a free kick and today he was all over the pitch again winning headers and occupying 2 defenders whilst he did it! With another striker better than Theo (yep I went there) he’d be perfect to flick on the loose balls for that forward! Obviously his winner had me forgetting life for a moment and celebrating almost in tears!

Theo Robinson 5/10

Ok so Theo got a goal disallowed but I can’t forget the miss before half time, 3-1 would have been game over and he misses too many guilt edged chances, He’s fast becoming the new Tom Champion however he chases down for the cause and as I pointed out today he’d make a great poacher against an awful keeper but for me Theo needs dropping, Let’s give Marriott a try! 

The Subs 

Hawkridge 6/10- Didn’t do any wrong but didn’t stand out either altough him and Muldoon did seem deeper than Harry and Nath, got crosses in though

Muldoon 6/10- Pretty much the same as Hawks however he was better going forward 

Whitehouse N/A- Other than chasing for the cause he din’t get a chance to shine so unfair for me to judge him based on ten mins he got at the end

I would just like to mention the 617 boys as well. Those lads were incredible with me yesterday and I had a cracking day standing with them 🙂