Who’s who of Lincoln City, 1993-2016

As if writing this blog wasn’t enough, I’ve also spent the last few months penning a book, and I’m delighted to announce that it should be out by the start of December, making it this years essential stocking filler for any Imps fan.

The book is a loose follow up to Ian and Donald Nannestad’s 1994 book that covered every player over the previous hundred years. Mine is going to pick up the story in 1993, and I cover every player who has made a senior appearance for Lincoln in that time.

Rather than one for the statisticians amongst you though, mine tries to tell a story of the last twenty three years through the characters that have featured for our beloved football club. I delve a bit deeper into some players and give my opinion on a few of the names that have made up the recent history of Lincoln City.

Did you know one of our ex-players went on to play for the England disability team? Or that one spent time behind bars for importing drugs? Can you remember who Richard Flash was, or can you guess who I’ve labelled as a ‘one man A-Team’, a striker for hire? I’ve hopefully assembled an amusing and interesting alphabetical collection of all the heroes and villains that have woven the rich tapestry of Lincoln City FC.

Who better to write a forward for the book than Imps legend and record appearance holder Grant Brown? Grant has penned an opening that’s both amusing and heartfelt and offers a great introduction to the main book. I’ve also spent some time talking to Gijsbert Bos about his time at Lincoln, and all the interviews I’ve done recently with players are included in the appendices.

There aren’t many books written about Lincoln City, and when there are they often feature the living legends and high achievers. I’m hoping to tip a nod towards some of those lesser known names and more obscure players who have represented our club.

I’m really hoping to be on sale via Amazon by December 1st. Obviously I’ll be promoting it on here, but I’m relying on you guys to share the link with your family and friends with the words ‘perfect gift idea’ splashed all over it. It’s coming, so be prepared!!

I’m a writer, not a graphic designer. This is a ‘working cover’ waiting for approval from top photographer Graham Burrell, and my missus who is the aesthetically tasteful one.

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