Merry Christmas to all my readers

Happy Christmas everyone, and thank you for all your support in 2016.

Like most good things at Sincil Bank, my blog really started as a reaction to the ‘Chris Moyses Swearing Saga’. I was having a tough time in a really challenging sales management role, and I identified with the frustration the then-manager had when receiving abuse on the side lines. As we know eventually Chris stood aside and allowed the club to take further steps forward, I was not so lucky.

My work brought me an awful lot of stress, and my one means of escape was this blog. In the beginning it was maybe one or two articles a week, read by a hundred people or so. I remember the first post that broke 200 readers coincided with a really bad day where we missed a significant target. I realised writing and expressing myself was actually a great comfort and distracted me from my god-awful job.

As the months have progressed so has the blog. I’m grateful to Danny and Nicky for giving us plenty of positivity to seize on and write about, as well as to Bob, Clive, Roger and the whole board for making it popular to be pro-club! Most of all though thank you to my football club and it’s wonderful fans, who have provided me with a great distraction during a time of increasing personal anxiety and uncertainty.

The blog led to the book, and the book led me to believe that perhaps what I write really is enjoyed by many. Knowing that I had such great support I resigned the role that was impacting so heavily on my life, and I’ve found something new, something that will give me time to develop my writing but also affords me the same level of responsibility as my old job. The turnaround from last December 25th has been phenomenal, and it’s in no small part down to the confidence you guys give me whenever you read my blogs.


The Football Blogging awards were a real highlight last month, although they seem years ago now. I’m keen to see if I can get nominated and voted onto the awards again this year, but this time we’ll take a table full of Imps to represent LN5 on the national stage. I enjoyed the night immensely, but I was only the representative of a superb fan base.

Last month I hit 13,000 views for the third month on the bounce, and today I’m sat on 17,000 for December. These numbers don’t mean income, they don’t mean anything other than acknowledgement that mine is a blog Imps appreciate. The real significant numbers are 7,000 against Oldham, 6,300 against Tranmere and (at the time of writing) 3,800 against Ipswich.  So thank you, all of you, for supporting me but more importantly for supporting our club once again.

You might not realise it, but by simply reading my blog and commenting on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve helped me through a really tough year, and seen me out of the other side. I’ve made more friends in just nine months than I could ever imagine, all through DF, the Stacey West and my (critically acclaimed) first book. Come January 3rd I start my new role, but I’ll do my damnedest to make sure that I keep blogging and recording the developments of this special season.

Anyway to all you Imps out there, stop reading this and commence your day of drinking, eating and good cheer. It’s a good time to be an Imps fan and we all deserve to celebrate today as much as we can. You’ve earned it, just like you’ve earned the last six months of on field success.

Here’s hoping for more reasons to be cheerful in May.