Is this blog doing Danny’s scouting?

Louie Theophanous is a player I identified a few weeks ago as one I’d like to see Danny and Nicky bring to Sincil Bank. He’s been linked with City by a part-time agent on Twitter, and for the second time in a week a player from my blog is rumoured to be a target. I’m wondering if all this ‘due diligence’ the boys claim to do consists mainly of reading my blog?

I joke of course, both Theophanous and the other player we’re linked with, Nicke Kabamba, are hot property. Kabamba I discussed  last week, but Theophanous will be a new, but equally as difficult to spell name for Imps fans. I believe we have equal reason to be as excited about him as we would about Kabamba.

Louie (we’ll go with that for now, Theophanous is driving my spell checker insane) is a good shout for a move as well. He’s another part time player looking to step up into full time football, and he’s another who has a growing reputation in the National League South. He bagged 14 goals for St Albans this season, that equates to a goal every 141 minutes, whilst Kabamba has 15 but scores one every 144 minutes! Louie has scored almost 100 goals in the last three seasons. He knows where the net is.

Louie is relatively famous as Cristiano Ronaldo’s body double, and if he were to sign it might add an extra 50/100 female fans on the gate. He stands in as a body double for the World Player of the Year for Nike adverts, and speaking to The Independent a few years ago he said:

“It is a job I take seriously and enjoy. I would say I have been in four or five Nike adverts with Ronaldo now. There are times where I can pick his brains and talk to him about football. Advice like that is invaluable.”

There’s more to him than being a body double though. He’s helped fire St Albans to fourth in the table this season, and he’s stated in the past he is hungry for a chance of full time football. With their Eastleigh cash banked it is rumoured that Barnet might be interested as well, although they look to be getting their business done early.

So what could we expect from Louie?

He’s an out and out centre forward who has a proven track record in the level below us  scoring goals. He previously played for Sutton and Staines and he’ll be well known to the Cowley brothers who have extensive knowledge of the National League South, having managed in it. He’s 25 and is only a season or two away from possibly missing his chance to turn pro, so if we are interested you would expect him to bite off a Cowley hand or two.

He’s a six footer with a lot of power as you would imagine from a man with Ronaldo’s physique. He’s not slow though, and he could be seen as a longer term successor to Matt Rhead, or he could be another option to play in and around the big man.

He is cup tied though, so don’t expect him to appear in the FA Cup nor the FA trophy. He scored  in the FA Cup November as Carlisle beat St Albans 5-3.

I don’t always put a lot of faith in these Twitter accounts, and I’m very suspicious of those with under 200 followers who claim to be in the know, but with both Louie and Nicke Kabamba I really want the rumours to be true. Either player would be a massive asset to Lincoln City going forward into February, and with the games piling up thick and fast I expect DC will be doing all he can to bolster his squad.

I’m just waiting for confirmation that Blair Turgott is signing, or that Jonny Margetts is back on loan and then I’ll be convinced these dodgy Twitter feeds get their information from me!