New faces, new names.

Usually on this type of blog I have a list of suggestions for you, but I’m afraid if you’ve clicked looking for a tasty rumours, there isn’t one.

I do have it on good authority that we are close to bringing in a new player, although I’m even unsure as to whether we’re talking about permanently or just on loan. It may surprise a few people, but I’m led to believe we are bringing in another wide player.

Danny likes his wingers, and that sits well with me. As far back as I can remember I’ve been a strong advocate of 4-4-2. It’s simple, it’s effective and played correctly it gives you almost everything you need to control a game of football. I haven’t seen it employed here as effectively as it is now, but work and press hard in this basic set up and you’re on to a winner.

Playing a pressing game though puts a lot of emphasis on those wide players, and even though Arnold and Hawkridge have been superb recently, it stands to reason that with the number of games coming up we’re going to need more options. Joe Ward is here for a short spell, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that extended.

 Jack Muldoon is seen as a centre forward, which means we have four players competing for two spots there. Our midfield is packed with Power, Whitehouse and Woodyard plus the option of Bradley Wood should we need him: it does seem logical that we might look to add another injection of pace and poise onto the flanks.

Loan star Sean Long against Gateshead (Photo courtesy of Graham Burrell)


I am reliably informed (by two sources) that we’re looking at a young player who, despite his age, is (to use a direct phrase from one person) ‘very good indeed’. We hadn’t really heard of Harry Anderson before he arrived, and look how effective he was.

Despite the war chest I can’t picture Danny spending big on any individual players. We were linked with Whitehouse for months before he signed, whenever there’s money to be spent the managers do it wisely and cautiously. They don’t rush in and I doubt very much we’ll see an excessive fee splashed in the next eight or nine days.

If fans are waiting for the ‘big name’ player to sign I think they may be in for a longer wait than anticipated. A big name player can change a season, they can give a club a boost and a vital lift. We don’t need a boost, nor do we need lifting at this stage. We’re top of the league, we’re battling on all three fronts still and frankly I can’t imagine we’d sign a player who expected first team football and disrupt the current momentum.

What we need is strengthening, tweaking slightly if you will. The team has proven it is good enough to compete with anyone in this league, and it is simply the number of matches and intensity of the fixture programme that dictates we need more bodies, rather than glaring holes in our first team set up.

Joe Ward brings some cover to the flanks, but City look set to add a little more (photo courtesy of Mr Burrell again)


When Tom Champion signed he went straight into the side, and many felt that disrupted the harmony of the team. Tom Champion is a good player, he’s a regular at Barnet at present who are chasing a play-off spot in League Two. Danny perhaps wouldn’t play him with hindsight, but he’ll use that experience to good effect now. He won’t drop someone who is currently performing and risk damaging team morale.

Would you really want to blow all of our hard earned money on Ricky Miller? No, and I wouldn’t even want us to for a player like Blair Turgott either, no matter how good he is. Danny and Nicky don’t buy success (despite what Chris Kinnear thinks. Prick), they work with players and develop them. The last two months Terry Hawkridge looks like a new signing, and even Alan Power and Luke Waterfall look like different players from last season.

So when an apparent ‘underwhelming’ player is unveiled, I hope every one stops and thinks again. If Danny and Nicky have identified him as someone who can add to the group, then I’m damn sure he’ll do just that, no matter what he cost, where he comes from or what his background is.