Half Time Analysis: Barrow

City trail promotion hopefuls Barrow 1-0 at half time at Holker Street.

A sparse crowd haven’t been treated to a game of football as yet. Barrow are efficient at what they do, but their tactics have prevented Lincoln from getting a foothold in the match.

The goal will anger Danny and Nicky immensely. The ball simply should not have been allowed to drop in the six yard box as it did. Whether Farms should have come for it, or whether a defender should have had it is up for debate, but either way it is sloppy.

Barrow should be down to ten men. As per a tweet I’ve just received it is either accidental and not a foul, or it is deliberate and it’s a red. There’s no middle ground, and a yellow card indicates he has bottled the big decision.

Currently delivering the team talk


At the moment I can’t see how Lincoln will get back into the game, but rest assured the two men paid to plot our tactics will make a change to our approach. We’ve seen poor first halves before, and often a frsh Lincoln come out for the second half.

For my money, FA Cup Theo has been anonymous and I can’t see him shining in a game of this type. I’d like to see Muldoon replace him, he’s a far more robust striker who an hold his own better against the aggressive defending.

If we’re going to win this I can’t see the whipped ball into the box being the route to take second half. We look to get joy out wide, and I think perhaps a marauding midfielder might get some joy. Elliott Whitehouse might be a good option if we choose to make a change in personnel. The ball is bypassing midfield regularly, so (if it were me) I’d be tempted to pull Power out.

I’m not being too negative though, we knew what we’d expect from Barrow and I don’t seethem changing tact at all in the second period.