Theo leaves 

Fervent negotiations took place pitch side after the Imps fine 1-0 win over Solihull Moors. Theo Robinson wasn’t due to be at the ground having withdrawn from the squad for personal reasons. He emerged later in the game in the stands, and at the end of the game he entered into talks with Danny, with Kevin Cooke involved as well.

In the hours after the match it was confirmed he had joined back up with Southend Utd.

Despite the excitement Danny firstly praised Jack Muldoon for his goal and performance, and the post match shenanigans shouldn’t detract from a great performance by the centre forward.

After leaving Michael Hortin briefly to indulge in further discussions, he returned to confirm that Theo was the subject of interest from other clubs, but couldn’t confirm what exactly was happening. He did clearly state that he will never pay a player more than he’s worth, and he won’t pay a player more than his other players. Was this a barbed reference to Theo’s demands?

A passionate and less guarded Danny spoke of how proud he was to be associated with Lincoln City, and of how he only wanted players at the club who were proud to play for them. Essentially he spoke of no player being bigger than the team, and it seemed from his tone he was letting his passion spill through. He is always a measured and thoughtful man, but his words came across much more honest, and for want of a better word, raw.

So the search for a new striker starts / continues as our FA Cup hero leaves. The nature of his departure will doubtless sour the relationship he had with Imps fans, especially with the financial undertones. 

I’d like to thank Theo for his efforts and goals, and wish him every luck staying onside in the Football League. 



  1. Fair play to Theo
    We were clearly paying him a big wage on the weekly contract. I would guess Lincoln’s offer was lower than that to bring it in line with the squad.
    His signing was always a mutual thing – Theo’s last chance to show his skills, get games and eventually move back up, and a signing above our level when it was announced. Seems like it worked out well for everyone!

  2. You look at his history and he starts with a club then goes out on loan, he may come back one day! Seems he starts off well then fades off so goes on loan. I really think Danny is one of the few managers who would have got the best out of him

  3. Weekly contracts always throw this sort of thing into the pot and we need the players to want to be here. Theo has done good for us, especially in the cup but we have Jack and Marriott, and with Rhead in the sort of form he has been as the target man I’m not overly concerned yet. We can even bring Simmons back from Boston as he scored a few out at Halifax, so surely deserves a chance.

    Of course, the good thing is that the window has now closed and there will probably be a few players available higher up who don’t fancy playing in the reserves of their club; a few youngsters looking to impress for a contract come seasons end. Given the growing reputation of the Cowleys, I’m sure they would love a chance to come to us!

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