Significant Changes for The Stacey West

Over the next 24 hours or so you’ll notice some significant changes to your favourite Lincoln City blog.

There’s a new look coming, and I’ve made the menu system far easier to navigate as well. I’m hoping the move will allow me to include a few new features like galleries and polls. I’m not a man renowned for my good taste, but even I think the new site looks pretty good!

For those techy-minded amongst you I have been operating on, and I shall be migrating over to For those of you who don’t care too much, it means I have more control over how my site looks.

I’ve spent my time recently shifting all of my articles over to the new site, and over the next few hours I’ll be migrating subscribers as well. I’m not an IT type, so please do bear with me if you experience any problems. You shouldn’t have to do anything, one day you’ll log in and it will all looks different. I’ll have two domain names as well,, and

There’s a slight name change as well, I’m dropping the ‘blog’ from the title. You know what it is now, so from here on in I am just known as The Stacey West.


This does mean that in the coming weeks I will be looking at putting some adverts on my site. When I received the nomination for the Blogging Awards, a couple of companies came forward and wanted to ‘work with me’. At the time it didn’t suit me, I always wanted to keep the site advert free. My concern always was my independence as a writer, and various marketing people wanted to put me on news now which would affect the way I write. By doing what I am currently doing it means I still retain absolute freedom over what I publish, so in that respect nothing changes.

Fortunately you lovely people keep reading, and if I’m to continue with my average of three articles a day then I can’t hold off a bit of advertising any longer. I will ensure that the site isn’t ruined by adverts like some other Imps related sites. I’m willing to chat to individuals and companies in the Lincoln area about advertising if you’re interested, drop me a line It’s not a hard sell, but if you want to reach a lot of people then I might be able to offer that. To give you some idea of how many people read every month: in July 2016 I had 3,000 article views. In January 2017 I had 47,000.

I hope you understand that with my desire to provide you up to date news, views and analysis of all things Lincoln City, this is a necessary step. They won’t appear straight away though, but I wanted to be up front and tell you that they are coming.

I am open to suggestions for the new site as well. I’d like to write about other football stuff on there, but why not tell me what you want to read? Does more National League news interest you? Would you want to read more of the features on other teams, events and situations from the past? Do you want more of something I already write about? Let me know.

In the meantime please bear with me. I hope you like the new site, and thank you for reading. It flatters me every day to see how many people take an interest in what I write.

Thanks again.