For sale: A club’s special day

Sutton United have made history this season by being one of two non-league teams into the fifth round for the first time ever. Sadly, that cancerous tabloid rag, The Sun, have hijacked their big day by arranging one-off shirt sponsorship.

Teams such as Sutton perhaps cant pass up the financial opportunity when it is presented, but once again the disgraceful excuse of a newspaper jumps on a non-league bandwagon to sell copies of its pathetic propaganda pamphlet.

In the early 2000s they did the same with Farnborough when they also played Arsenal, but the caring Sun, your Sun, were nowhere to be seen when the news died down and Farnborough died with it. This paper doesnt care about non-league football, it doesnt care about minnows and it doesnt care about the magic of the cup. It cares about shifting units, and I guarantee the coverage will be patronising and borderline offensive, with constant derogatory references to financial clout, plastic pitches and the gulf in quality and class.

It makes me feel physically sick, and I thank the stars that my club havent lowered themselves to such a state that they accept the Suns blood money. Remember they earned that by building celebrities up and then destroying them.

A Sutton statement read: We can confirm that the club has reached an agreement with SunBet for the company’s name to appear on the front of our shirts for next Monday’s game against Arsenal. This was arranged with the full knowledge and co-operation of our valuable first team shirt sponsors Green Go Waste, to whom we are very grateful for allowing us to take advantage of this one-off opportunity which will enable us to undertake significant additional ground improvement works.

Sutton were handed a dream draw when they pulled Arsenal, but Im sure they would have preferred to go to Highbury and taken the big pay-day there. Instead the earning potential has been severely limited, and I suppose to that end they see this deal as something they cannot turn down. Additional sponsorship isnt a bad thing for them, it is just the source from which it comes. 

Manager Paul Doswell praised the current sponsors, but also explained the lengths the Scum go to in order to appease the current sponsors.

“Malcolm and James at Green Go Waste have shown an unbelievable level of generosity to the club in allowing this to happen and they actually spoke to me in the bar straight after the Leeds game. This money will help so much to keep improving this great club, and we’re very excited to be working with Sun Bet. They arranged for Ian Wright to take a fun training session today with the players, and then arranged for the players, Malcolm and James to have a full tour of Wembley.

It isnt just the shirts that will be branded by the ailing comic, even the ground will be partially stamped with their logo. 

I would also like to thank Andrew Doswell and Stuart Munro at Drew Smith who have agreed as part of the SunBet sponsorship, to allow the two ends of the ground to be rebranded. Without these fantastic gestures it wouldn’t have been possible, and it’s humbling to see how much they want to help our club.”

Attempting to maximise the financial bonus makes sense, but should Sutton suffer in the coming seasons they wont be able to rely on their new friends who are only interested because of who the team are playing. Its a bit like going around to see the scruffy, smelly kid at school because he has a PS4, and then dropping him like a red hot stone the second someone with a nice house buys one himself. Shameless.

For the record, I do hate The Sun. There was one on the side in my local greasy spoon this morning for patrons to read whilst waiting for their bacon and egg (salad) butty. I deliberately poured milk on it so it was unreadable. Every little helps.


  1. I quite agree with you Gary. Dreadful rag. I would be so upset if Lincoln ever did this. The Daily Mail is just as bad mind you and I refuse to read the piece they did on the Cowleys recently.

  2. Sutton have sold their soul for the proverbial 20 pieces of silver. I abhor the rag that have links to this betting company, every football fan the length and breadth of the country should do so also after their shameless reporting of Hillsborough. That publication has no right to be anywhere near a good news football story.

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