ImpsCast: The new Imps podcast is launched

This morning sees the launch of a brand new Lincoln City podcast called ImpsCast, featuring myself and ‘star’ of the press conferences, Mr Peter Hayward.

The podcast is hosted and put together by Imps fan Stevie Hazeldon, and features news, views and all sorts of other stuff from the world of the Imps.

It can be found in two places at the moment:

It will also feature on iTunes very shortly, and will be a weekly cast launched usually on a Monday morning.

Please bear with us, it is in it’s embryonic form at present, and we’ll be building and improving it as the weeks go on.

Let us know what you think!




  1. Fair play Gary. It is good. Enjoyable and interesting stuff – not just a rehash of the usual. Well done. Not sure about the jingle, but could be a cult classic in time (like DVD of the week on Wittertainment…)

    • Cheers, I’m only a guest presenter. Ste Hazo does the jingle and production. It’s his hard work, I just give half an hour on a Sunday.

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