Here’s Jonny

Striker Jonny Margetts has today re-signed for Lincoln from Scunthorpe, on-loan until the end of the season.

His arrival was no secret thanks to Danny’s slip on the radio last night. Margetts was at Sincil Bank to watch the York match, and had already been spotted by keen-eyed Imps fans. His arrival coincides with the departure of Dayle Southwell, re-called by parent club Wycombe.

Some are heralding his return as a great move, others are unsure as to whether a player with just five games in six months will be fit enough to have the impact we need. His reappearance at Sincil Bank does throw open the possibility of a real zero-to-hero story. The tales emerging from Lincoln City this season are so unbelievable you wouldn’t write them as fiction. How unbelievable would it be for a striker to score four in a game and earn a big money move. He then has an unhappy six months as his former team are breaking records, only to return and play a part in firing them to the a happy ending? I wouldn’t write that, it’s far too ‘Roy of the Rovers’, but then so is a non-league team getting to the FA Cup quarter finals. So is two PE teachers taking over a professional football club and making international headlines ten months later.

What Jonny will bring is something we’ve lacked since Theo left, although I suspect Jack Muldoon would disagree with me. At the beginning of the season we were scoring for fun, and in some games should have had double figures (Southport and Ferriby). Jonny Margetts started, and scored, in both of those games. After he left at the end of August, I thought we looked light going forward. Both Marriott and Muldoon were struggling with injuries, but in games against Solihull, Barrow and Dover we didn’t look as much of a threat. Macauley Bonne looked alright, but things only clicked when we signed Theo. He brought back the industry around Matt Rhead that we’d lacked since Jonny left.

I wonder if Danny has been trialling a 4-2-3-1 instead of the proven 4-4-2 because he doesn’t feel our current options are sufficient, and he wanted to pull forward Plan B? Adam Marriott certainly doesn’t seem to be preferred to lead the line despite some impressing cameo appearances, and although Jack has had an impact, has it been significant enough to call off the striker search? Clearly not. Jonny Margetts coming back hopefully gives us the scope to revert to 4-4-2 and win the remaining games we have in the same style we’ve won all season. The doesn’t mean an end for Jack, far from it. His game is more about running and energy, whereas I feel Margetts is perhaps more of a traditional centre forward. Jack wants to run into the spaces with the ball, Jonny wants to get in the spaces and then receive the ball.

On the face of it I’m pleased Jonny is as popular as he is. I never had a problem with him leaving, it surprised me immensely but it was a climb up the ladder and we were well compensated. However, not all fans are as objective as myself, and I know some weren’t happy with his departure. I suppose scoring four goals in a game affords you some sort of reputation though, it doesn’t happen often.

His arrival certainly brings to a conclusion the constant rumours that have linked him with a move back to Lincoln. Since Braintree at home on October 1st, a match he attended just four weeks after his move, the chatter has been around him coming back. Even Scunthorpe fans my Dad knows have been predicting it since before Christmas. I certainly look forward to seeing what he can bring to a promotion push he helped start of six months ago, and to whether he can write another remarkable chapter in this potentially unbelievable season.

I should add in late August, before Jonny left, I predicted that Adam Marriott would out score him for City. As things stand Margetts has still scored more than Adam, and I suspect he’ll only add to his tally in the coming months. Glad I didn’t bet on it.

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  1. He does seem good and to be honest it does sound as if we have struggled since Theo left (I say “sound” as I usually have to listen to BBC Radio Lincs from my Lewisham abode rather than attend). Surprised Adam M does not get more of a game though. That one pass against Ipswich showed him to be very skillful. Aldershot on Saturday could be a great game for the neutral as they are flying at the moment. Maybe the most important game of the season? (Or is that Chester v Tranmere on Friday?)

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