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If you’ve clicked on this hoping to read about tickets, upcoming matches or to get the latest transfer rumours two days before the Echo, you’re out of luck. This is a quick one from me about the blog, and what I hope to do in the coming weeks.

Many of you may not know, but I’ve been able to update the blog regularly over the last few months because I’ve been in and out of work. I’ll not go into too many details, but I broke up for Christmas in August, and my new year job started in early January and ended in February. The main focus of my attention for the last six months has been writing, be it my Who’s who book (still available), my mascot book (available later this year) or the blog (always available). I’ve been very lucky indeed, if you can call four months off with stress lucky.

Today necessity dictated I had to start another ‘real’ job, and this one won’t afford me the same sort of freedom with my writing. The blog is going nowhere, and thanks to you guys it is my intention to try to juggle the two as much as I can.

I’m going to confess something: I got home tonight drained and with no inspiration to write anything at all. I missed my time for recording Impscast with Ste and Peter too which I was gutted about. I sat on my sofa ten minutes ago and for the first time in six months I felt no motivation at all to write about Lincoln City. I guess 95% of you guys feel like that after a hard days work too, I don’t expect sympathy for going out and earning just a days crust. I get a bit down sometimes with not achieving my potential professionally and coming home tonight I wondered if it was worth working hard with the writing as well as doing a real job. My mojo was on its way out of the door with its bags packed.

I flicked up Facebook and a blog reader had sent me a message. I won’t embarrass them by naming them, but it was a lovely message telling me how much they enjoyed the blog, and asking if I was planning on releasing a collection of blogs in May to commemorate the season. I do get nice messages and comments every now and again, but this one landed at just the right time. It prompted this rather off-piste blog as well. So thank you (you know who you are) for the kick up the arse I needed, and thank you to everyone who comes and sees me at matches sends emails or even just reads the blog. I really appreciate it.

What I need from you all now are two things. Firstly I’d like you to tell me what you like about the blog, and what you want to see more of. I’m not fishing for compliments here, but I’d rather not waste my time writing some articles that you don’t want to read. I know roughly from the viewing figures what is popular and what is not, but if there is something you want to see more of, please let me know on I like writing the archive articles, but do you like reading them?

Secondly please make sure whenever you read an article you click on one of the adverts afterwards. I want to be bringing you Lincoln City news and reviews for many years to come, but I can only do that if by having the advertising on my site working for me. I held off introducing it as long as I could, but now they’re there it is really important that you click on one before you leave the site.

To give you an idea of how fast things have grown on the site, in August I got 3990 views, by the time I went to the blogging awards in November my monthly views were 13171. Last month I finished on just under 60,000. That’s phenomenal for me, thank you.

Finally if you’re the editor of the Lincolnite and you’ve decided you want full-time sports coverage, or you are someone who knows how to turn 60,000 hits a month into a living wage, message me. I’ll guarantee you I’d call straight back!!

Cheers, UTI




  1. Following my beloved Imps whilst in exile the other side of the Midlands isn’t easy (the perils of supporting a team outside the ‘top flight’) but your blog is crucial for keeping me up to date. I love getting the email alert for a new blog and massively appreciate the work you put in.
    Keep it going, us exiles will take whatever you can provide 😉

  2. Look forward to your blogs Gary. (And Galactic Keegan’s tweets of course…) Quite understand when you don’t feel like doing it though!

  3. I’m sure you do not need the likes of me to say this, but…..Don’t you ever doubt yourself, Gary! The blog is just brilliant with a fantastic blend of the topical and archive. Could not do without it as part of my day. Keep doing the archive stuff… I’ve said before it would be a great read gathered together.

  4. Blog is great as a hardcore imp and thoughts relate exactly to us fans. Also like the gossip which is nearly always spot on. Please keep growing better then echo anyday!

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