Another record falls

Going into tonight’s game City had drawn twice, a few fans (myself including) might have been looking down and getting a bit jittery. Ninety minutes later and another chapter is written in this incredible season and another entry goes into the record books.

Before I blow smoke up the arse of my football club, I’d like to give a shout out to Barrow. I’m not a big fan of their approach, but this evening they’ve offered me an olive branch by beating Tranmere. That alone would have been cause for celebration, but our resounding 4-0 win in Essex gave the previous seven days real context.

Were York and Aldershot points gained or lost? Tonight’s result means they were points gained, without a shadow of a doubt. We faced a junction at Cressing Road, we either make those draws part of our long unbeaten run or we make them part of our wobble. In emphatic style we steamrollered Danny’s previous team with a comprehensive performance, and ensured those two hard fought draws can be seen positively. There’s six points between us and the chasing pack again, and once again Imps fans are afforded an amount of breathing space. The games are falling away, and we’re managing to keep up the pace.

Three weeks ago Lee Angol was turning out for Peterborough having scored once the whole season, home fans were on his back and his dream move had turned into a nightmare. Tonight he’s trebled that tally, and in doing so has become the first player to score a debut hat trick since Billy Cobb in 1966. Managers are often judged on the quality of their signings at key times, and the introduction of should Angol prove to be a real hit. He turned in a confident and cocky performance, and if he maintains that until the end of the season there’s no doubt he’ll have a say in the title race.

The players have now earned the right to go and enjoy Arsenal, nobody will have any issue with us taking our time in the spotlight when they’ve put a proper shift in over the last week. Neutrals thought the FA Cup might have an adverse effect on us, but DC and the boys simply wouldn’t let that happen. If you ever needed evidence that we are serious title contenders, if you ever needed confirmation that rhetoric about ‘the next match being the most important’, then tonight might just be it.

One really exciting thing is the change of approach going forward in the first half. The addition of Angol and Margetts has given us two players who want to run into channels and space to try and receive the ball, and that plays to the strengths of the wide players cutting in and delivering it into feet. It’s a genuine ‘plan b’, perhaps the first time we’ve seen it used so effectively. Is Angol the final piece of the jigsaw? He might just be.

Danny Cowley called him ‘hell of a player’, but reminded the media that it was a team game. He then reflected on Matt Rhead passing the penalty kick to Lee Angol as an example of the team spirit, something that shouldn’t be under estimated. Even a new face, no more than 48 hours into his Imps life, benefits from the tremendous togetherness the players have.

4-0. Six points clear, now onto our chance to play at Wembley for the first time ever. Every week records keep falling, history keeps being written and I have no doubt this match will simply be another entry in a fantastic season, but for Lee Angol I imagine it will be all that more special.

Imps fans should not under estimate the significance of this result: I can’t help but think it will turn out to be a significant moment in this special season.


  1. whatever the outcome of this season all our fans should put their heads together to find some way to thank danny and nicky cowley. they have been truly outstanding.

    • I agree with Colin. The Cowleys have energized the club, the fans and the city.
      Danny & Nicky have always been very clear on what they are looking for in return:
      “Come to our games @ home and away if you can. Encourage our team, even when we’re not winning 4-0. And enjoy it !”

    • Whilst the Cowley’s deserve every bit of praise coming their way it is a 2 way streak and the fans deserve just as much credit. Home gates & an away following that is beyond the wildest dreams of anyone at the club I’m sure. It was the potential of the club that attracted the Cowley’s but I’m not sure that they understood the level of that potential until they saw the away following at York.

  2. Gary, you asked the other day for comments regarding your blog. You are probably too young to remember Maurice Burton who reported on City for the Football Echo back in the sixties and seventies. A fine journalist, as well as his front page match reports, he also wrote a weekly column that appeared near the centre of the ‘green un’ and I have to say that I would look forward to that as much as if not more than the match report itself. He gave an insight into what was happening behind the scenes much in the way you do in your blog. Without Burton to turn to, I now look forward to your frequent posts in much the same way I looked forward to my Dad bringing home the Football Echo. Keep it up and UTI!

    • I couldn’t put that any better myself, Richard. Maurice was an exceptional journalist especially for us Imps and I, like you, looked forward to his comments – quite similar in alot of ways to what Gary does, not always agreeing with what is/was said by both but opening your eyes to another viewpoint. Excellent work

    • Wow, that’s high praise indeed. I’m really flattered, I have read some of Maurice Burton wrote and I find it incredibly useful when researching Lincoln City history. Thank you.

  3. Great article Gary, I genuinely think you have got it spot on. Tonight shows that draws are vital points gamed not points dropped. Saturday is a day of history and yes can have a huge effect in the club, but I think every fan would still see us in the football league rather than at Wembley one time.

  4. Gary your blogs are always well informed fair and balanced. As Richard said I also use to follow Maurice Burton columns and your keeping the tradition up as well as running an excellent fanzine keep up the good work always look forward to your blogs. The old git

  5. Hi Gary –

    I’d like to echo Richard’s point above – your blogpost here is exactly the sort of piece I enjoy reading. It gives insight and context to what what is happening, as well as analysis.

    Other posts I like: few weeks ago you did a piece looking at forthcoming games during the month of February – forecasting where the Imps would be in the table at the end of the month with a look at the likely fortunes of other title challengers too.

    I’d like more of those insightful forecasts, if not for each month, then maybe at key times, highlighting the likely impact of different results / fixtures etc.

    Keep up the good work – there can’t be many (any?) other people better placed to write about the Imps the way you do. I’m an avid reader – thank you.

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