£100k for Lee Angol?

I don’t often start with a profanity warning, but in a few sentences I’m afraid you’re going to get one, and before the article is out you’ll get two more.

I’ve read today that Peterborough have claimed to have received £100k for the two month loan deal that saw Lee Angol sign for City. I’m afraid I’m going to stick my head above the trench and call ‘bullshit’.

Firstly, what else can an under pressure manager say? Grant McCann is not universally popular at London Road despite sitting tenth in League One. He’s also been playing Angol for the last few months, the striker has only dropped to the bench over the last few games. One day he’s a League One quality striker in the managers eyes, the next he’s shipped out on loan two divisions lower. He scores once all season for Posh, and 48 hours after leaving for the season he bags a debut hat trick for a rival team. Make no mistake they may be two leagues above us, but Posh and Lincoln are ‘local’ rivals of sorts. Grant McCann had to say something to deflect criticism that he doesn’t know his best team, nor the quality of his players.

Barry Fry is a well known publicist too, and he knows fans wouldn’t react well to seeing their departing striker score three times after such a barren spell. The news needed to be ‘spun’ in some way to make it look like Peterborough had claimed some sort of victory, and financial recompense was probably the only way to do that. After all they didn’t look all that astute after twenty odd minutes of last night’s game.

I’m calling bullshit not only because Barry Fry is involved (although that alone would be a sound reason), but also because I simply do not believe Danny and Nicky would see that deal representing a good investment. I am led to believe the reason Jonny Margetts did not sign for us on deadline day was because Scunthorpe wanted a relatively large loan fee (nowhere near £100k) and DC was unwilling to pay for it. I’m also informed they missed out on a transfer target from our league earlier in the season because they did not see the £50k fee as representing true value for money. These things are hearsay, but if I’ve learned anything from my chats with Danny and Nicky it is that they are frugal and will always (and I mean always) look at the financial aspect of any decision first and foremost.

I believe there will be a fee for Angol, perhaps £10k or maybe even £20k. Anything in excess of that wouldn’t constitute a loan fee but a full blown transfer fee. The Cowleys wouldn’t have been bullied into any panic deal either, they will have had this on the radar for a while. Despite the increased volumes of revenue coming into the club I have no doubt we won’t be frivolous enough to spend £100k on a player who is only with us for two months, when in January I’m led to believe we wouldn’t spend half that on a player due to stay for at least a year and a half.

Local papers these days are looking for clicks more than genuine readers, and I suppose the article from Peterborough press enticed clicks from both sets of supporters. Grant McCann certainly gave the reporters a titbit to feed on, but it all smells a bit too much of Barry Fry to me.

Whatever the fee may or may not have been, I’m delighted to have Lee on board for the final push. I had a slight concern prior to his arrival that we might have been going through a wobble, but an assured and cocky debut hat trick from a player with undoubted class has convinced me we’re still on track. If we did pay £100k (which you may have guessed I think is bullshit) then it might just represent value for money come Southport away at the end of April.


  1. Hate the posheads as much as the codheads.Especially with Barry bullshit there!Nobody be in any doubt he will IMO becoming for our players this summer(if not already) and also the Cowleys.

  2. Totally agree….heard rumours about this today. Would have thought no, but even so……and it’s only one game…….if he continues to impact positively then it could be money well spent

  3. A good dollop of common sense from Gary as usual. When Barry Fry is involved suspend disbelief at your peril.

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