Win last season’s away shirt, signed by this year’s squad.

I’m hoping for a bit of audience participation here if possible, and I know you lot will help me out. You’re good like that.

As you know I’m looking for a way to turn the blog into a full-time occupation, and I’m toying with the idea of releasing a magazine or newspaper on a regular basis. It would be predominately Lincoln City based, but I may look at covering other local football, or other football in general. It would be directly relatable to the Imps though, so other football would almost certainly be lower league. I imagine that it would be more marketable if it was a Lincolnshire magazine or paper covering some of our local sides.

I’d write it in my ‘style’ but it would significantly different to DF. There would be adverts in there too, but also a mixture of humour and Imps related stuff. I’ve imagined it as a cross between When Saturday Comes and the old Sports Echo, if that helps you at all. I might even cover the odd Sunday League team to make it more relevant locally.

I know the sort of thing I need to make it pay and keep a roof over my head, but I wonder if it would be relevant or indeed of interest to people? I haven’t gone any further as yet regarding costs etc, but I have set up a survey monkey to try and gauge opinion. Anyone who completes the survey and fills in their contact details will enter a draw to win a signed City shirt.

The last time I did one of these I ended up being convinced to write a book, many of you already have it (if you don’t buy it here), but it is a testament to the value of these surveys. If the responses indicate their might be a gap in the market for a printed paper or magazine, then I’ll delve a little further into it. If not, I’ll keep selling building materials to people.

The link you need is right here —–> just answer a few short questions and enter that prize draw. You never know, your responses might just be the start of a publication that could run for many years!



  1. How about a programme style magazine that you could maybe sell at the ground alongside the programmes, or in the club shop? I would definitely buy it…I really enjoy your blogs!

  2. It’s what’s needed locally covering the main team, youngsters and local clubs including United which I’m sure Rob Bradley would help out start it as a monthly as I helped to start the Lincolnshire Gazette and we started fortnightly and editorial was a nightmare trying get it done and completed every two weeks, if found sales were good could always increase the frequency. If you needed voluntary help for advertising sales I have had some experience but I would be rusty as quite a while sine I did it but offer there . Hope you go ahead I love your blogs and some forms of local sports paper is needed in the area in whatever form

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