Exclusive: Next season’s away kit leaked

I spent a short time chatting to a club insider last night, and I’ve got exclusive news on what colour we’ll be playing in when we travel away next season. If my source is to be believed, we’ll be pretty in pink next season.

Following the ‘success’ of Paul Farman’s striking kit, the rest of the players have requested something similar as an outfield shirt, and the club have agreed. Although the exact design hasn’t been finalised, I’m told by a very reliable source that the shirts, shorts and socks will be almost entirely pale pink.

It seemed at first as if perhaps Paul was having a joke with us, but his kit has proven to be very popular. It is one of the fastest moving goal keeper shirts in the club shop that we’ve ever had, and it has been surprisingly popular with his expanding female fan base. Even this writer has a pink signed Paul Farman shirt amongst his collection, and it seems the trend will continue into next season. I suspect the club have seen it as a commercial success, and as Kevin Cooke once told me, publicity for the club is almost always a good thing. No doubt the new away shirt will bring a degree of publicity, and I imagine they’re hoping to capitalise on our growing female fan base.

The move is bound to divide fans as many don’t see pink as a good colour for a football team to play in, but the players have spoken. I’ve been told Danny doesn’t mind what colour the side play in as long as we remain in our usual home colours. I’m not sure I can picture Bradley Wood snapping a inger in two whilst wearing primrose pink, but I won’t have to wait too long to see it with my own eyes.

 I for one would like to see the shirts plain pink similar to the keeper shirt, perhaps with a darker short and solid pink socks. The irony is that Paul will have to wear another colour in goal, and I’m told he’ll be going for a Jorge Campos style shirt in order to try and stand out as much as he has this season.

We’ve had some bold away kits in the past, one of my personal favourites was the blue and gold third strip worn a couple of times in the Adrian Patulea era. Other fans point to the multiple tones of green worn in the early 1990’s during the Lincolnshire Echo’s time of sponsoring, and another popular one was the solid black kit of Scott Kerr’s first season at the club. Amongst the variations of blue and yellow those shirts really stand out, but none will be as memorable or controversial as a pink kit!

Hopefully we’ll have more of an idea of the exact style and shade of pink soon. Luckily I’m also informed that there will be no tinkering with the home shirt, we’ll remain in red and white stripes for our 2017/18 campaign, one which hopefully will take place in the Football League.


  1. Nice one Gary but you will need to think of something more viable for April 1st next year. Maybe you could have gone with a piece about how Doncaster have offered £500,000.00 for Alex Woodyard and people may believe it more than this. Benefit of having a 1 year old, been up too long already!

  2. This is great news-I love the pink goalie top. I was chatting to a painter and decorator the other day who does work at sincil bank and he tells me that they are considering painting the Stacey west stand pink too so Farman blends in better therefore giving us more of an advantage against visiting teams

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