DF and magazine news

Just to divert from our exciting league campaign, I have some news about the crowd funded magazine, and about Deranged Ferret.

Firstly those that subscribe or have bought this months issue will already know, but I have decided not to continue with DF next year. I’ve really enjoyed doing it, and the support with articles, quizzes, pictures and selling has been superb. I’ve met some cracking fellow Imps through it, people with whom I shall remain friends as long as there is a Lincoln City. However, as you know I want to start doing a regular magazine and I have two more books to publish before we see 2018. Sadly I just won’t have the time to devote to DF.

Things are moving on with the magazine, and this bit is for all your kind people who have backed the project. I’m setting up contacts with the Sills and Betteridge Sunday League, so there will be a full results service, some match reports and hopefully some nice full colour photos of our grass-roots game. I had a couple of writers get in touch about penning articles as well, so it’ll have some diversity.

Graham Burrell is on board too, so the Imps photographs will be top quality: we even have access to a great back catalogue of photos from the last 15 seasons, so expect a regular ‘history’ piece to be well covered.

I’m toying with dates for release at the moment. I had anticipated doing one before the end of the season, but there’s quite a bit more involvement with doing a proper publication, especially compared to DF. It may be that I aim to go to market in readiness for the big kick-off next season, and carry on from there. I’ll keep you all informed as things move on.

Finally due to demand I have decided to release a book at the end of the season, a collection of selected blogs from here charting our wonderful campaign. I always intended to get one done just for me because I’m slightly egotistical, but a couple of you have asked nicely, so I’ve decided to make it my second release.

However, I have decided that as the club have given so much to me, I will be doing the same for them. I will donate 25% of all the profits from the book to the Future Imps Fund. Again I’ll give more details once the season is done, but I anticipate it being out for the middle to end of May. If you follow the blog no doubt I’ll bang on about it some more when the time comes.


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