Guest Blogger: Match day (just) again

Thanks to regular guest blogger Matthew Wilson for his contribution to what could be an historic day for our football club.

Its now 2am on another one of those “Big” match days, we’re pretty familiar with these now right? For at least an hour I’ve tossed and turned in bed. The extra beer I had last night in the vein hope it might help me sleep has soundly rounded on me and had me up to the loo. I laid there and I started thinking, and hoping, and praying without even a hint of drifting off into a blissful slumber. So I’m up and it’s probably a good job I am as it turns out ants like a chicken dinner nearly as much as I do! Ants successfully dispatched, brew made, here we go.

I can’t even begin to match the proficiency and moreover the ability of Gaz (Stacey West) when writing and I wouldn’t even begin to try. Whatever I do, I have to be motivated. I can be extremely lazy. A source of constant bafflement to my parents, former teachers and certainly my wife. There’s a Micky Flanagan routine where he talks about his days doing absolutely nothing, like, f**k all, that’s me, I really can be that lazy. It’s probably why I haven’t had the urge to write anything recently, until this very early morning.

I don’t know about you but since we played on Good Friday everything between now and then has seemed like a bit of a distraction. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched big Sam Habergham’s goal fly past the keeper (thanks to whichever Torquay fan got the footage!) I’ve also watched no end of YouTube videos from fans and media alike of our exploits this season. Even when I’ve done all of that though I’m still left with a void. I hate to do it but I’m wishing away my time. I need my fix, I need that buzz of match day and I need it now! I’ve spoken with mates who feel exactly the same. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a great bank holiday weekend with the family. Plenty of rest, relaxation and regeneration as DC might say but now I’m good to go again.

Me and my best man, Simon, will be making the journey north later in his work van. It’s a bank holiday Monday and only a couple of hours (fingers crossed) up the A1 so why not? I remember mulling it over, albeit briefly, but it wasn’t until another friend reminded me that it could be “The” day I committed and negotiated a pass out with my wife. I’m really not sure how I’m going to feel if it happens today, nor do I want to know. However or whenever it happens is irrelevant, I’m confident though it will happen. See, there it is, a Lincoln fan being confident. I can’t believe I’ve said it myself but that’s what this team has done. I have 100% belief and a huge amount of confidence in them getting the job done. Even on Friday, when, for 80 minutes we looked laboured and really not at the levels were used to I still believed we’d get something out of the game. Hindsight is a wonderful thing I know but I genuinely thought this was the case. After Anderson had poked home the rebound following Marriotts effort I remember thinking were not done here. Michael Hortin alluded to the same thing in his commentary and as Marriott again provided a game changing moment in winning a free kick on the edge of the box I thought, this is it and boy it was! Up stepped big Sam with an another peach of a free kick. I’d only had a couple of pints pre match but my head was pounding. Me and the boy had seats with now very familiar faces in the upper Junior Imps Club section or mini 617 as I think they should be known . We had seats, but we didn’t use them. We stood for 90 minutes singing our hearts out and when the ball hit the back of the net we let it all out (I’ve really got to stop picking the boy up in celebration, theres enough back injuries on here!) We had done exactly what DC had asked of us and dragged the team over the line again.

I really need to try and get some sleep but before I do I’ll try and make one final point. We had my olds round for Sunday dinner yesterday and they were quizzing me about all the various connotations of if and when “It” might/could happen. I was running through it all when it struck me how much of an impact our success this season has had on Lincoln. Not just the club and supporters but the city as a whole. My parents are not football fans by any stretch of the imagination but even they have been drawn into this massive web of interest our great club has generated. It’s galvanised the city and the community as a whole. I’ve never felt quite this proud of Lincoln as a place let alone a football club. In a time of division where we have to vote X or Y or Yes or No our football club has brought us all together, brought our great city together. We’re not a town, we’re a city, we’re Lincoln City FC and we are top of the league.

Photo by Graham Burrell