Imps Documentary in Production

I’ve had a few people ask me if there is going to be an end of season DVD. I’m not sure entirely why they’ve asked me as I don’t work for the club, but I’m now 100% certain there is going to be something, and from what I understand it is going to be a bit more than your average ‘goals and games’ production.

The reason I know is I have been privileged enough to be asked to feature for a short while, answering a few questions as a fan. It was off to a locked-up Sincil Bank this morning to spend a bit of time in front of a cameraman I’m told was filming Jurgen Klopp last weekend: now he’s filming the real heavyweights of the football world.

I was interviewed by BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s James Williams, and after my little segment I had a brief chat with producer Sam to try to find out a few pertinent features that you can expect from the DVD. The first thing that became very clear is that we’re looking at much more than a few goals strung together with some flashy graphics.

It seems it is going to be a documentary featuring not only highlights but also interviews with the really important people. I’m told as well as me (!) there will be players and staff speaking on camera, all knitted together with club exclusive footage. We know the club used to put the goals on YouTube, but that fell away at the end of the season. You have to wonder if the unique footage was being saved for this very programme.

There was talks of a special showing in the city as well, although at this stage a venue hasn’t been decided. It seems our favourite South African based businessman Mr Nates is heavily involved as well, and the impression I got was that everybody wants to create something that pays perfect tribute to the club’s superb achievements this season.

That is it, that is all I know. There’s no working title, no definite release date (although I got the impression early June might be a good time to keep your eyes peeled) and no more crumbs of information for me to feed you hungry Imps fans. I have no doubt it will be available to buy once it is released, and I have no doubt it will be the must-have DVD this Autumn.

In the meantime the only thing you can be one-hundred per cent certain of seeing is my ginger face on camera, unless I end up on the editing room floor, like the time I went on Ant and Dec as Poacher and ended up having my two second cameo cut short by the credits. What a waste of a trip to London that turned out to be.


  1. Hi Gary – make sure your book is ready to tie in to the DVD. There are going to be so many souvenirs from this season from all sorts of people. They’ll ALL be valid but some will be better than others in the long term.

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